Get your space ship shape for autumn

It’s almost-officially-autumn, which can only mean one thing: more stuff to clutter up your space! Umbrella, big coat, warm jumper, picnic blanket, wellington boots – and that’s just the stuff you need to go to the park on a September Saturday! The big dilemma, especially for those of us living in small spaces is where exactly to store all this stuff!

Luckily has written a brilliant blog to help sort us out.

It says: Here are some inexpensive and easy ways to turn a cluttered area into a functional space…

· Before you get started, it’s a smart idea to purge and donate things you don’t need and then start organising the things you want to keep.
· Even if you’re a household of one, it’s amazing how fast your entryway can turn into a disaster zone of coats, accessories and shoes. Having a bench is helpful – not just as a place to sit when you’re putting on your shoes – but also as a great spot to tuck away extras.
· It’s not overstating things when we say that baskets are the most amazing organisational tool ever invented. They’re endlessly useful, no matter what room you use them in, and can be used to store everything from blankets to extra food in your kitchen. The beauty of baskets are that they help hide visual clutter, so a space can have the same amount of stuff, but will look more minimal and streamlined.
· Tame your clutter by keeping multiple bins throughout your home. Once you’re done with a magazine, newspaper or opened packaging, banish it from visible surfaces and get it out of the way right away.
· Drawer dividers lend a little internal organisation to small spaces – like the inside of desks, nightstands and dressers. Sometimes having too much storage space can be as bad as having too little. By being able to divide that space up, you can keep every drawer from turning into a jumbled junk drawer.
· Organising dirty clothes as you go makes laundry way less of a pain. Separate colours and delicate into different bins or bags. Hang laundry bags on wall hooks.

Futon Company says: As experts in space saving living we always have one eye on top ways to keep space streamlined, so this blog is definitely a must-read! When space is at a premium there are other clever ways to curb the clutter, including installing canny shelving and utilising high-up wall space. Check out some of our clever clutter clearers….

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