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5 expert tips for designing a happy home

We’re finally emerging from the depths of winter and entering a fresh new month – February, a month of love and hope. With just over six weeks to go until the March equinox (20 March 2024), days are getting longer, and warmer weather is within touching distance.

If you’re keen to start a new project, have you thought about reassessing how your home makes you feel? When waking up and living in the same space day after day, it’s important to ensure our environment actually makes us feel good.

While the Science of a Happy Home report from Resi explains how a happy home can positively impact our mental wellbeing, we asked industry experts – as well as our Futon team – about what they thought made a content and upbeat home, and this is what they said:

Start with the bedroom
Making the bed is a non-negotiable for Maria our E-Commerce Visual Merchandiser, when it comes to morning rituals. “According to online healthcare site Patient, making your bed can start your day on a positive note, offer a sense of accomplishment, increase productivity, boost your mood and improve sleep – not bad for an exercise that takes only minutes from your day.”

“Your bedroom is such an important place in the home; it’s the space we retreat to when we feel tired and need to recharge. Creating a calm and relaxing environment is therefore a must – however you choose to do this, whether with snuggly blankets and a neutral scheme or colourful and eclectic, tailor your space for you,” she suggests.

Maximise natural light
“A dreary, dark home is going to make anyone feel gloomy,” says Rebecca Knight at Ideal Home. “Maximise on the natural light coming into your home by hanging mirrors adjacent to windows to help bounce the light around the room. To keep your home feeling cosy in the evening, invest in plenty of eye-level lighting.”

Ditch the clutter
“Stuff! We all have it, especially those who live with young children with lots of toys and belongings; therefore, plenty of storage is key,” says Sapphire our Product Designer. “Find a space for all the things – whether it’s handy storage baskets that little ones can help fill once they’re finished playing, floor-to-ceiling shelving to house books and trinkets, and clever hidden storage in pieces such as seating or tables – perfect for smaller homes.”

“Ensure everything has a place, and everything is in its place, massively cutting down on your stress. Being able to reset a room at the end of a day provides a fresh start for the next… tidy space, tidy mind is the mantra I live by.”

Make it yours
For our Visual Merchandising Manager, Rob, having a bit of personality is crucial. “Forget trends. Focus on what mirrors your own taste and style. Personalising a space with your favourite objects and possessions provides you with a sense of identity within your home and brings comfort.”

He adds, “Whether it’s filling your walls or shelves with pictures of loved ones and memories, or choosing accessories in your favourite colours and fabrics, putting your own stamp on a space is how a house evolves into a home.”

Create a space for hobbies
“For some, the idea of a hobby room is a total pipe dream, a luxury that their home simply can’t afford,” Hugh Metcalf at Livingetc explains, “but for many people, in homes big and small, there exists a space in their house that’s currently not being used to its full potential.”

“Dedicating space to something you love doing and that feeds your spirit doesn’t sound like a bad place to start in terms of making your home a happier one. If you love to paint, you can rearrange furniture so that you have the perfect light, while if you want a meditation space, you can streamline your decor and introduce a colour scheme that promotes peace.”

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