Thrift hacks for small space living

For many of us, the phrase home makeover is synonymous with spending lots of money (think new kitchen or bathroom or lots of new furniture). However, overhauling your home doesn’t need to cost a lot. In fact there are several simple and cost effective ways to shake things up. So, when we came across an article by Rachel Loos in Grazia magazine called Elevate your space – on a shoestring, we read it avidly. She says: Transforming a room from awful to awesome doesn’t have to mean spending big…. Thrifty decorating staples:

• Paint: don’t just think walls, paint is great for revamping tiles, floors and tired cupboards too
• Sticky-back plastic: excellent for covering up a kitchen worktop you hate and adding a bit of wow to the inside of cupboards. Try Wayfair and Wilko
• Command self-adhesive strips: a sturdy, no-nails way to hang pictures
• Go vintage: reclamation and salvage yards and charity shops are great hunting grounds

Futon Company says: Our summary might be short and sweet but we really liked this article because it tapped into the bang-for-your-buck way of life that many of us are embracing right now (whether it’s from the impact of covid 19 on our lives or simply a lifestyle choice). While not all of us have the creativity to paint or get clever with self-adhesive strips, customising your space with fresh new accessories and cost effective storage ideas can make all the difference.

Cheetah & Parrot Cushion

Blossom Cushion

Reni Desk

Paper Basket