Nurture Nature

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years you can’t fail to have noticed that Wellness is A Big Thing (huge actually!).

Meditation, exercise, getting enough sleep – these are the basic foundations of maintaining a healthy mind and body. So it’s no surprise that by 2020 the market size of the Wellness industry in the UK is estimated to reach £12.4 billion! That’s a lot of cash spent on wellness apps, leisurewear and beauty products!
So we were interested to read about a report from the University of Exeter’s medical school, co-authored by Swedish Professor Terry Hartig of Uppsala University that boiled Wellness down into one simple step (or several small steps, to be accurate). The report found that spending two hours a week in nature is the key to ensuring good mental and physical health (yes, that includes autumn and winter!). Whether a simple stroll or full-on exercise, those who spend at least 120 minutes each week in nature (whatever the weather) are more likely to report good health and higher psychological well-being. Spaces that our good for our well-being include town parks, country parks, woodlands and beaches. And the good news for exercise haters is that even getting out and sitting on a bench, cushion or rug in the park counts as spending time in nature.

Futon Company says: What a fabulous report. Even though our Futon Company factory is based in London, there’s nothing we love more than a quick stroll around the nearby city park with Jake the dog. In fact, we’re a pretty outdoorsy bunch, so a stroll in the park or fish and chips at the seaside are top of our list for great ways to spend the weekend or a day off. We’re also pretty keen on camping (although we prefer to do this when it’s not raining), which is the ultimate way to experience the very best of the great outdoors (yes, even in the autumn)! Check out some of our portable kit that will help you to make the most of nurturing nature, home and away…Embrace our outside spaces!

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