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Spring to summer: top tips for a wardrobe refresh

Summer has officially arrived. The nation has been basking in the sunshine in the last few weeks, and topping it all off, we have had the hottest day of the year so far. Refresh and reset – now is the time to update our closet for the warm season ahead.

Say goodbye to coats and jumpers, and say hello to a light and airy wardrobe. Many of us are more than ready to declutter and pack away our bulky winter pieces – which take up more room than their summer counterparts.

This is obviously good news for those living in small homes. Yet, storing clothes away is often not as easy as we might think. Need some help? Here are our “hot” tips to help you transition your wardrobe from spring to summer. Scroll on…

Time for a clear-out
Decide what you’re most likely to wear again when winter returns, and separate your clothes into two piles – “to keep” and “not to keep”. Try listing the latter on second-hand selling platforms such as eBay, Depop and Facebook Marketplace; otherwise, take it to your local charity shop. There’s really no excuse!

Wash and dry
To avoid moths and bacteria, wash or, if necessary, dry clean the pieces that are ready for storage. Make sure they’re fully dry before putting them away.

The repair shop
While you sort out your clothes, why not replace the missing buttons or iron out the hard creases at the same time? They’re easy to do and require minimal effort.

Pick the right spot
It’s always best to keep clothes indoors – somewhere clean, cool and dry. Underbed storage is a great place to hide away off-season clothing. Alternatively, have a clear-out and make space in your existing wardrobe or chest of drawers for maximum use. Need more storage? Try hanging organisers for everything from jumpers to shoes and scarves.

Remember, cardboard boxes are never good for storing clothes as they attract pests and damage delicate fabrics. Acrylic storage boxes or sealable bags are much better options. Make sure they’re clean before use and have enough room for air circulation to reduce the risk of mildew.

Lay low
Don’t hang knitted jumpers as it will stretch the garments. The best way to keep the pieces in pristine condition is to carefully fold and lay them as flat as possible – before putting them into storage boxes. Watch how Marie Kondo does it in her KonMari way.

That said, avoid squashing your knitwear; instead, stack them loosely and, if possible, keep the lighter ones on top.

Smell pretty
Keeping your clothes fresh is key. Many opt for lavender or cedar which gives a natural scent to deter bugs while leaving a pleasant odour. Mothballs are no good – with their strong (and off-putting) smell; plus, they’re toxic to humans and pets.

Ready to step into summer and give your wardrobe a seasonal refresh? Follow our rules to make a simple, fashionable transition. Also, don’t forget to check out our latest collection of bedroom storage – in-store and online.