Life after lockdown

As the world very gradually starts to grow green shoots of recovery after a very long and unprecedented set of events, it’ll be interesting to see how life after lockdown looks. We don’t need to list the frustrations we’ve had over the past months, but what’s really inspiring is the many positives that have impacted our lives.

For our part, the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel has meant many things:
• More quality time with friends and family who live close to home and far away – through Zoom, FaceTime and good old fashioned telephone calls
• Taking pleasure in meal times and making sure we plan healthy and nutritious food and take proper breaks to eat it (even a cup of tea has become something of a ritual to savour in COVID-world!)
• Valuing our outside space. Whether it’s a windowsill, a small deck, a garden or the local park, we’ve come to truly treasure the time we have outside. Whether it’s to exercise, have a socially distanced chat with friends or sit and read a book, we really understand the healing benefits of fresh air. On this note, we came across a lovely news piece in the April edition of Red Magazine called Grow Calmer which said: “With the mental health benefits of spending time in nature already proven, Japanese researchers wanted to find out if indoor plants could help cooped-up office workers feel less stressed. They discovered that just the sight of a plant such as a bonsai or cactus can distract from the nine-to-five grind, calming anxiety and heart rate. Gazing at a plant, even for a few minutes, creates separation from stressors, explains the study’s lead author Dr Masahiro Toyoda. All the proof needed that a moment of green serenity can have a magic effect on our spirits.”

Futon Company adds: If ever you needed proof to boost up your greens and outdoor time we reckon this study is it – and we’ve got plenty of goodies to get you going…

Parlour Palm Faux Pot Plant

Hanging Sky Faux Plant

Butterfly Folding Chair

Adirondack Folding Chair