Fall into bed happy this autumn

We hate to say it but summer is well and truly over. Farewell long, lazy summer days, evening walks and alfresco eating and hello shorter days, winter coats and being inside your home. But hold on, there has to be an upside, surely?

You bet. Shorter days means longer nights, which means more time to spend in bed. See – every cloud has a silver lining! So what better way to spend our time than browsing’s fabulous Blog which looks at the top bedroom trends this year.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the trends that tickled our fancy!

  • Colour, colour, colour: Kick your bedroom up a notch with colour and pattern.
  • Switch up your surfaces: Mismatched bedside tables make a bedroom feel more collected and can be super functional if you’re looking for a spot for a desk.
  • Au naturale: Neutral tones are here to stay – they’re soothing to the eye, create a relaxing ambience, and an illusion of a boutique hotel experience.
  • A stress-free space. With staycations and wellness trends on the rise, it’s becoming a huge priority to create a relaxing retreat in your bedroom; a space that is tech and stress free. Soft and cosy decor is key when bringing this trend to life, with soothing colours such as eucalyptus green, mineral grey and pink Himalayan salt. Tone on tone colours are another factor that we love. This effect unifies the space and makes it feel restful.
  • Walls that wow: Upholstered walls are making a comeback, adding interest to your space through colour or pattern, as well as providing an extra layer of insulation.

Futon Company says: Another blinder from, who always offer inspiring but achievable ideas for the homes we live in. Our particular favourite is the idea of switching up your surfaces and bringing mismatched tables that double up as desks. This is particularly relevant for small space living, or if you rent and move a lot. Better to invest in one good piece of furniture that has more than one use than several! Check out some of our super space saving bedroom ideas that are sure to make you fall into bed happy this autumn….

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