Pimp up your sleep space

With the clocks set to go back later this month it’s time to celebrate that extra hour in bed. In fact, with shorter days and longer nights it’s only natural that our minds focus on one of our favourite pastimes – sleeping! So we were interested to read this fab blog from Popsugar.

Says Blog writer Shannon Vestal Robson: You know we spend a third of our lives sleeping, but it astonishes me how much people are not willing to invest in their bed. I’m not just talking about sheets or the mattress – I’m talking the whole package, from the bed frame to every last feather in your pillows….It’s time to put money into your bed so you can have even better nights of sleep, fewer sleep interruptions, and thus better days (I’m telling you, this is an investment in you). Here are her highlights for creating the cosiest bed ever!

  • The bed frame is your foundation. You need to know what mattress you have as this sort of dictates what sort of bed frame you need.
  • Your mattress is key. If your mattress isn’t offering you the right kind of support, you can be sabotaging your sleep. An old or unsupportive mattress can cause all kinds of ill effects, like hurting your back and exacerbating skin or breathing issues…Mattress comfort is extremely subjective, so it’s impossible to point to any one mattress as the perfect one for everyone. There’s a reason it’s still a good idea to go to an actual mattress store and lie down on their offerings because only you can know what you like.
  • The sheets are important too. Always go for natural fibres like cotton or linen where possible. Thread count doesn’t really matter – the fabric and weave is far more important.
  • Pillows – inadequate support or allergens can really wreck your night. You should replace pillows every couple of years and regularly wash them.
  • Even if you’ve splurged on a great mattress, if you’re truly trying to make the cosiest bed ever, you need a mattress topper, whose job is to just add luxury and a cradle for your deserving, tired bones.
  • The duvet is the ultimate cherry on top. A decent duvet cover is worth the splurge.

Futon Company says: Whether your bedroom is positively palatial or a tiny one-room studio, making a snug and nurturing sleep space for yourself and your guests is the most important investment of time and energy that you’ll ever make. What’s more, if your bed also doubles up as a sofa it’s important that you shop around for a product that suits your needs (and your budget – go for the best you can afford). Check out our fab range of sofa beds, futons and sleepover solutions – each and every one designed with comfort, support and space saving living in mind….

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