Tidy home, tidy mind

Keeping a clean and tidy place can impact our lives more than we realise. For many, the simple sight of an organised home helps ease our mind and reduce stress – particularly important for those who live in small spaces.

Previous studies in the United States found that those who described their living spaces as cluttered were more likely to feel fatigued and depressed, compared to those who described their homes as restful and restorative. Others also argued that cleaning can have positive effects on our mental health – from gaining a sense of control to feeling calm by engaging our mind in a repetitive task.

But how do we maintain a well-ordered home to achieve a zen-like state of mind? Fear not – we’re here for it. It’s all about good storage + smart thinking. Need some inspo? Here are a few clever and savvy solutions to get you there. Scroll on…

Every little helps
Size doesn’t matter – even small things can make a huge difference. Magazine holders, or side tables with handy shelves, help keep your favourite glossies neat and tidy. Or go for wall caddies if you want a clutter-free floor.

What about baskets? Even better! In fact, they’re great for stashing plants, toys, toiletries, towels, you name it. Available in various sizes, shapes and materials, baskets help add colour and texture to the room in no time. Jute and seagrass are naturally durable and versatile enough to complement any décor, while metal wire is sturdy and works well for an industrial or rustic look.

Don’t panic if you’re a bit of a hoarder – there’s something for you too. A modular storage system, comprising stackable cubes, is exactly what you need. It offers superb flexibility so you can stack it up, or down, without compromising on style.

First impressions count
Hallways are often overlooked, despite being the first thing you see when you get home. Console tables are perfect for storing away everyday items like keys, spare coins and gloves. Looking for something more understated? Try a coat stand, or hallway bench, as many come with shelves and hidden compartments for shoes, hats and brollies.

But what if you’re short on space? Worry not. Think wall hooks and hanging rails – they’re easy to install with zero footprint. One great example is our award-winning Hat Tree by designer Ben Fowler – an all-in-one piece for everything from coats to hats, shoes to keys. It’s hard to beat and worth every penny!

Small but perfectly formed
The bathroom can be an awkward space to work with at the best of times, not least because the UK has the smallest bathrooms in Europe. We can all agree that lack of storage is a common bugbear for many of us. That said, there are many ways to tackle the issue and optimise every inch of the room.

Let’s start with a Trug Tidy. It’s as stylish as it’s practical, giving little bits and bobs an instant home. Not enough? Caddies are good alternatives. Easily moved around, they’re the perfect bathroom companion to hold toiletries and pampering treats all in one place. Or treat yourself to our Emma bathroom cabinet – not only does it help keep towels (and those unsightly loo rolls) out of sight, it also makes the room feel lighter and more spacious. A true multitasker.

What about your dirty linen? There’s nothing more practical than a good old laundry basket. It comes in different sizes and materials so you’re easily spoilt for choice. For durability, choose jute, canvas or rope.

And if your small bathroom lacks decent storage, then leaning valets or ladder shelves are your go-tos. They take up little space while ensuring everything spick-and-span. Plus, no fixings means no previous DIY experience required. Hurrah!

Work like a pro
Working from home is no mean feat. Whether you have taken over a dedicated office, or just a quiet corner of your home, having an orderly workspace is key to getting things done, not to mention creating an Insta-worthy backdrop for your Zooms and Teams.

Your WFH space needs to be functional as well as inspiring, and good storage plays a crucial role in this – by keeping everyday clutter at bay so you can concentrate on your work at hand.

Leaning desks give maximum flexibility as you can set up – very much – anywhere you like. They’re simple designs with great practicality, meaning more space for thoughts and less space for clutter. What’s more, there are coordinating shelving units for building your own workstation. Our top pick is the corner ladder shelves, a clever piece of design which takes full advantage of unused spaces – ideal for small apartments.

Every desk deserves good organisers. There are different options to suit different needs; from desk tidies and trays to stacking bins and drawer units. Try our Filo desk sorter – it’s spot on and does exactly what it says on the tin. All that’s missing? A cup of fresh coffee to kickstart your day.

Do not disturb
While it’s so easy to work and scroll social media from the comfort of your bed, it’s not so ideal for your wellbeing. A bedroom should be a place of sanctuary and relaxation with minimal distraction. Therefore, keeping it clean and tidy is a top priority for getting a good night’s sleep.

A comfy storage bed is a must-have for every home. Available in different sizes, from single to king, it provides nifty under-bed storage to hide away off-season clothes and extra bedding. And if your room’s on the small side, then our bamboo folding wardrobe is perfect for storing (and showing off) your latest fashion collection. Lightweight and sturdy, the wardrobe is incredibly space-efficient with its foldaway mechanism. Dreamy.

Meanwhile, storage suitcases and hanging organisers are handy add-ons to the wardrobe – all designed for small space living. Or make use of the space behind doors by hanging an overdoor ladder with rungs for clothes, towels, or even house plants.

As well as bedside tables, dressing tables are also a brilliant option to keep little knick-knacks stored away. Choose from traditional or modern leaning styles; and if space is at a premium, the dressing table can also double as a desk for home working.

One last piece of advice
A place for everything and everything in its place, as the adage goes. And if you want to be the next top organiser, check out , the latest Netflix series exploring everyday “small joys” that are often forgotten in our lives. Take notes and stay tidy!