A modern mood virtual slumber party

Well, it’s official. 2021 is here. It’s a new year, fresh start (we hope!) and we can’t honestly say that we’re sad to see the back of 2020. What a year that was (definitely one for the history books)! For many, January usually marks the month of paring back, turning over a new leaf. But the days are still short and dark and it’s cold outside, and we’re still living in an age of uncertainty, so we’ve decided that rather than going without this month, we’re going to celebrate the start of something new with an adult slumber party – with a twist.
According to Style Magazine the grown-up slumber party is a thing right now. In an article called Rise of the grown-up slumber party it says: Jennifer Lawrence set the trend when she revealed she had a major sleepover instead of a hen party before her wedding to Cooke Maroney [in 2018]. She’s not alone. Before the last covid restrictions were implanted we had a solid number of bookings from small groups of women exchanging their traditional catch-up routines – shouted conversations in crowded bars and restaurants – for the joy of spending a night (and breakfast too) with their friends, said Andrew Pike, general manager of the Milestone Hotel & Residences in Kensington. Now, however, it’s all about the slumber party aesthetic chez vous,
Meanwhile, sleepovers are popping up in pop culture too: from the recent Netflix reboot of nostalgic favourite The Babysitters Club to The Sleepover Club, a themed podcast from the culture zine Polyester that delves as deeply into women’s issues as any group of teenagers huddled under a duvet. We could all do with a bit of solace and nostalgia right now, so get on your fancy pyjamas and don’t forget the gin!

Futon Company says: We might not be able to gather lots of us in one place right now, but there’s no reason why we can’t have a virtual slumber party. First things first: to get you started, dig out your cool pyjamas and some cosy loungewear. Grab yourself some delicious snacks, a glass of something lovely and arrange a time to meet the girls. Chat first, watch a film together while relaxing on an impromptu sleepover mattress then call it a night before meeting for breakfast (Zoom-style, of course) the next morning. Start with a mimosa (that’s OJ and bubbles to you and me) then move onto coffee and French toast. And there you go. A modern mood slumber party in true 2021 fashion!

Roly Poly

Round Rest Table

Paradise pyjama set

Quilted velvet cushion

Tea mug mosaic

Deep Fleece bathrobe with hood