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The big autumn reset: our top 10 seasonal transformations

Autumn has arrived, heralding the beginning of a new chapter – a fresh opportunity to rest, re-evaluate and reset. Not only is it about changing up your home and interiors, there’s a shift in life too, as Emma-Louise Pritchard at Country Living explains: “Autumn is the perfect time for a mental, physical and household reset, as we embrace the slowness of the new season after a long, hot, busy summer.”

She adds, “As we adjust our routines and spend more time inside physically, it’s an optimum time to embrace introspection overall – looking inside our minds, inside our homes and inside our behaviours.”

So, let’s enjoy the slowness of this beautiful season as we approach the tail-end of the year, brimming with overindulgence and packed social calendars. Here are our top 10 hacks for an autumn reset:

Spring clean? Let’s try autumn cleaning
Take care of neglected tasks like clearing out gutters and chimneys, and don’t forget to clean the dishwasher and washing machine. These are the chores that often slip our minds during the busy summer season. Check out our handy utility range – as well as the ultimate cleaning checklist from Apartment Therapy.

Flip your mattress
Bring out your thicker duvet and festive bedding to create a dreamy bedroom retreat for those cold winter nights. Early nights are back on the agenda, and we couldn’t think of anything better than cosying up with a good book and a hot cuppa. And, while you’re at it, research book recommendations to keep you going for the months ahead.

Look good and feel good
Pack away your summer clothes for the season, and retrieve your soft knits and thick coats from the loft or beneath your bed. Find time to go through your autumn/winter wardrobe, ensuring it still fits and suits your personal style. If necessary, invest in suitable storage for your summer items.

Upgrade your loungewear
As we’re set to spend more time at home, why not treat yourself to a new dressing gown and a comfy pair of slippers? You deserve it!

Swap summer textiles for heavier fabrics
Think plump cushions, faux fur throws, chunky cord bedspreads and woven rugs – it’s time to get snug.

Light scented candles
Embrace the season with an evocative scent such as spiced pumpkin, wood fires and mulled cider. Infuse instant warmth into any room, while the glow of candlelight creates a calm and tranquil ambience.

Enjoy fika
Create new rituals like the Swedish concept of ‘fika’ – for example, taking an afternoon coffee and treat break with friends and family. While fika is a year-round practice, hot coffee and baked goods lend themselves perfectly to colder weather, making autumn an ideal season to incorporate it into your daily or weekly routine. Just remember to bundle up for the occasion.

Prep your kitchen like a pro
Dust off your roasting tins, Sunday dinners are back on the menu. Get your slow cooker from the back of the cupboard, low and slow is where it’s at. Research recipes like soups and stews and all things comforting. Now is a great time to get meal planning and batch cooking for the cold evenings to come. Shop our kitchen and dining collections.

Say goodbye to the outdoors
Spend one weekend morning sweeping away the fallen leaves, giving your plants and bushes a thorough tidying, and stowing your outdoor cushions while carefully covering your sofas and furniture. They’ll be waiting for you to unveil once spring arrives.

Look ahead
Last but not least, take a moment to set your intentions for 2024. Now is the perfect time to revisit the goals you set in January and to reflect on your experiences over the past year. Consider what you’d like to focus on in the New Year – be it nurturing friendships, re-evaluating your leisure activities, or adopting new exercise or eating habits. Put pen to paper and create a concrete plan.

Start autumn as you mean to go on – get ahead of the game and you’ll be in good stead for the months ahead. For inspiration on how to get your home ready for the new season, visit us in-store or online now.