Be small space savvy – whatever your budget

Don’t let a lack of square footage cramp your style. That’s the message according to Katrina Burroughs (@Kat_Burroughs) writing in The Sunday Times Home, September 22 2019. If one thing links the high and low end of interiors right now, she says, it is a rekindled desire to get small-space living right. Here’s our pick of Katrina’s tip tips and tricks that make the most of small spaces:

  • Should finances allow, you could wrap a titchy room in an eye-wateringly expensive wall coverage, such as hand painted wallpaper, or invite daylight in and create a new sightline with a Velux roof light.
  • On a tighter budget, the addition of mirrors provides a sensation of space.
  • If a cosy, opulent atmosphere is more your thing, check out the new dark paint shades.
  • The first rule of small-spaces club is: clear the floor. This means a focus on wall-mounted furniture and designs with built-in storage.
  • Go to town with the decor!
  • However, if maximalism makes you anxious, it’s best to keep your small room all one colour.
  • Monochrome extracts much of the claustrophobia from a diminutive scheme.
  • Ideally mirrors should be placed opposite windows to make the most of natural daylight and create a vista.
  • Whatever your budget, small spaces can be the showpieces of the home.

Futon Company says: Mirror mirror on the wall. Actually, though, if we think about it, who says a mirror needs to hang on the wall?! Some of the savviest small space specialists swear by integrating mirrors into furniture. Multi-purpose furniture that has more than one use AND a mirror is amazing (yes, we know we’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again because when you have a great idea you just need to keep on sharing don’t you!). Check out some of our smashing space savvy pieces – ideally designed to be small space and budget friendly…

Oak Hallway Shoe Mirror

Oak Leaning Ladder Mirror

Elipse Mirror

Oak Leaning Ladder Mirror Drawers