Find the energy flow in your space

Forever on the hunt for ways to spruce up and make the most of our space (however small) we were reminded of the forgotten art of feng shui – which is now making a comeback. For those who aren’t familiar with it, feng shui is a concept that was developed in ancient China which focuses on the belief that how you organise your space (home or work) has an impact on how energy flows both in your space and in your life.

Rodika Tchi writing for explains: Feng shui – or good energy flow – can be easily applied to any space, by arranging furniture appropriately, like the placement of your bed, doors, the colours you use, mirrors and water features. To apply the principles in your home you just need to believe in universal energy flowing through everything and then embrace it.

  • First, identify which space or room in your home needs help. In feng shui the house is viewed as a whole being in which one part is intricately connected to the other. Understand that one neglected area may sooner or later spread negative energy throughout your whole space.
  • Define a plan or list of priorities to bring the current state of your space closer to the state of your desired home. With strong intent and perseverance, a harmonious home with great energy can be yours to enjoy.
  • Feng shui hot spots. The front door, as the main energy portal to enter the home is very important. There are some fixes like the placement of plants, mirrors and furniture that can diffuse energy throughout the house.
  • Clean up clutter to keep the flow of energy uninterrupted to all parts of your home.
  • To improve the feng shui flow and feel the power of connection between life and space follow these tips:
    * Always keep the bathroom door closed and the toilet seat lid down.
    * In your work space, position the desk as far from the door as possible, and not in line with it.
    * Move electrical appliances away from the bed to minimise the electromagnetic energy surrounding the sleeper.
  • Feng shui cures (otherwise called adjustments and enhancements) can be a good way to re-direct the energy flow in your home.
    * Crystals can bring sunlight and chi into the home.
    * Water can create awesome energy, for example a fish tank.
    * Mirrors are the workhorses of feng shui and can activate, circulate, expand and direct energy.
    * Bringing colour and art into your home can affect its feng shui too.

Futon Company says: When you live or work in a small space, getting the feng shui balanced is super important – especially if you live in a studio apartment or spend most of your time in one room. On a more practical level, making sure that every area of your space is hard working is a good way to minimise clutter (and as we know, curbing clutter is a positive way to stay calm and collected), while cleverly placed mirrors, textiles and art work can help to bring a positive ambience to the space. Check out some of our feng shui-friendly goodies…

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