Saints for small spaces

Here at Futon Company we often talk about hero products – those hard working pieces that help us to make the most of small and shared spaces. We rarely, however, reference saints! So when we came across Katrina Burroughs @Kat_Burroughs article Small Saints in The Sunday Times, June 16, we were chuffed to bits on several levels, not least because it featured our good selves!

She said: Don’t let a lack of space cramp your style: these hero products make compact living a joy! She goes on to explain: Small spaces are a huge issue. And I don’t just mean the size of new homes – part of the problem is a lack of closet space built into new properties, and limited storage in rentals.

She explains that alongside other small space specialists, Futon Company offers storage beds and shelving, with futons and mattresses handmade in [our] London workshop…Futon Company offers smart solutions to the space crunch.

Futon Company says: Thanks for the mention @Kat_Burroughs! For those pondering the difference between the terms hero and saint, here’s our explanation: a hero swoops in to save the day whereas a saint is constant and always around. Whichever way you look at it, they’re both great to have in your home when space is an issue! Check out our space saving saints…

Scoop sofa

Oak leaning ladder chest of drawers

Trey phone valet

Leaning ladder mini dressing table