Work it: how to keep your desk neat and tidy

Your desk, your rules. Set up the perfect workspace at home – one that you won’t want to swap for the office. For maximum productivity, the number one rule is to create an environment that works for you – day in, day out. Having an orderly workstation is vital to staying on track and achieving your goals.

A well-designed desk, chair and lamp will certainly get you off to a good start. That said, a home office wouldn’t be complete without some handy desktop accessories – whether they be nifty storage solutions to curb unsightly clutter or simple tools to make daily tasks a bit easier.

Just because they’re for work, it doesn’t mean they have to be dull. Need a little inspo? To mark National Stationery Week which starts on Monday 16 May, we’ve rounded up a selection of stationery and desk tidies that are big on style while keeping you motivated to get the job done.

In the meantime, here are our top tips to maintain a tidy desk leaving you more time for thoughts and less time for mess.

Keep it to the minimum

Less is definitely more when it comes to having things on your desk. It may sound simple but it’s often harder than you think. Scan your work surface and ask yourself: what needs to be there to help you do your job properly every day. If it’s something you can do without, then it’s time to put it away – at least while you’re in the “work” zone.

Storage still wins

It’s a no-brainer. Storage keeps files and stationery in order – think drawers, shelves and desk trays. Label your folders – if you want to be super organised – and store them in the upper compartments for easy access. What stays on your desk should be current tasks with looming deadlines that require your immediate attention.

Go paper-free
A cloud-based task management platform can be a lifesaver – try for teamwork or for personal organisation. Not only does it reduce the use of sticky notes that often clutter your desk, it also keeps you (and your colleagues) on schedule. Plus, it’s less stressful as you’re less likely to lose your oh-so-important to-do list.

Desktop cleanse
Decluttering your digital desktop is just as key as decluttering your physical one. Delete unnecessary icons and old files – or archive them if needed; some may even find it useful to have a less visually stimulating background for better concentration.

Clear up when you’re done
Before you call it a day, give yourself five to 10 minutes to tidy your desk and clear the surface as much as possible – so you have a nice, clean desk to come back to the next morning. Don’t worry – once you make it into a habit, you won’t even notice you’re doing it.

Still need some help? Check out our for more ideas to help you stay organised and bring order to your workspace