Spring ahead, bring on the colour

The key to a soothing home that offers freshness and tranquility? Natural materials, soft textures – and calming hues. Highly emotive, colour can have a significant impact on our emotions and wellbeing. Getting the colour scheme right plays an important role in creating a joyful and uplifting home. After all, we want our homes – whether they be big or small – to be a place of sanctuary where we can relax, unwind and feel happy.

Paint colours shape how we live within our homes. Sprucing up the living space with a fresh lick of paint can help lift not only the mood of the space but also an individual’s mood.

Redecorating our homes – and for many, turning to DIY – has become an overnight phenomenon in the last couple of years when we spent the majority of our time indoors. And as we head further into the new year with our daily lives gradually returning to normal, we look to bring a sense of optimism and joy to our surroundings once again.

Muted tones – from blues to greens, beiges to neutrals – are some of the notable paint colours to look out for in the year ahead. Try them on walls, woodwork, or even ceilings. Not convinced? Here’s our round-up of top colours for 2022 – as chosen by industry experts.

Farrow and Ball

Leading the pack is every interior designer’s go-to, Farrow and Ball. According to the British paint specialist, this year is all about “simple and familiar colours, cleverly combined”.

“Décor is moving forward while drawing inspiration from the modest character of the world of folk and craft,” says Farrow and Ball’s colour curator, Joa Studholme. The brand’s curated shades for 2022 are “an eclectic mix of the pure and the humble that evokes the warmth and harmony of a more innocent age while celebrating life today.”

One of the highlights is School House White No. 291, providing a solid yet comforting backdrop for any home setting. A beige-like white, it also pairs well with a saturated blue like Stone Blue No.86, or a chalky green like Breakfast Room Green No. 81.


The “expanding role of the home”, as well as “how nature is essential to our lives”, are some of the key topics discussed among the Dulux team – alongside its invited panel of design experts – when selecting the Dulux Colour of the Year for 2022.

Inspired by open skies and a breath of fresh air, the chosen colour is Bright Skies – a “light, airy and optimistic blue that is good for the soul and promises to open up and revitalise your home”.

Bright Skies works well in different combinations with other complementary hues; from bright Californian yellows to biophilic greens and soft neutrals.


Meet the new kid on the block, Lick. Launched in 2020 during lockdown, Lick is an online paint company that offers a range of pigment-rich shades with peel-and-stick samples – thus no more messy tester pots!

The brand has handpicked a selection of colour palettes for 2022. While the post-pandemic society is in need of healing, we’re expected to gravitate towards a comforting palette of “nurturing pinks and warming reds, paired with grounding beiges and delicate neutral hues”. Tash Bradley, Lick’s lead colour specialist, says, “These colours are all about the idea of slowing down and looking after ourselves.” Choose from Pink 01, Pink 02, Red 03, and Beige 02.

Meanwhile, connecting with nature remains high on the agenda. Bringing the outdoors in can enhance happiness and wellbeing, especially for those living in urban cities or in small homes. Think sustainable greens and earthy neutrals – from Green 02 and Green 05 to Beige 02 and Beige 03. “Far more than just watching TV and staring at our phones, now life is made up of Zoom calls and online learning. Embracing nature by embracing green feels like an act of rebellion,” says Bradley.

With our homes becoming increasingly multifunctional, it’s more important than ever for us to find sanctuary within them and create a calming cocoon through our colour choices. Paintbrush at the ready – explore some of these palettes and find the one that works for you. Check out, and for more ideas and inspiration!