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Illuminate the home: spotlight on autumn lighting trends

We’ve been treated to a fairly mild autumn up to now, but with the clocks set to go back this Sunday (30 October), it’s about to get a whole lot darker.

As Kate Watson-Smyth at explains, lighting isn’t something we naturally think about mixing up as the season changes, but small tweaks can make a real difference and turn your abode into a cosy retreat. “I feel like the focus on interior design has led us to a place where we have begun to think about lighting as an extra decorative element in a room – the earrings on the outfit if you like,” said the UK blogger.

Cosying up the home is not just about layering textural elements like cushions and throws – we also need to think about lighting too, according to . “Light a room up with a single – bare – standard bulb and it will look stark, with a distinct lack of atmosphere,” said journalist Rory Robertson. “But consider ‘layers’ of lighting and all the options that come with this, and you’re onto a winning room scheme.”

Short on space or budget? Fear not. Lighting can be cost-effective when it comes to making an impact – you can even move your existing lamps around the home to create light where needed. That said, if you’ve decided to change up your lighting this season, here we delve into the latest trends from the world of illuminations:

Image credit: @casajolley

Fabulous fluting
Fluted details are popping up everywhere – from glass doors, furniture and butler sinks – now lighting. Tracing back to ancient Greece and Rome – where vertical grooves distinguished many of the columns now emblematic of classical architecture – this covetable design embellishment is sure to elevate any space in the home. Choose a statement pendant as your main ambient light, or sit a table lamp on a console table to create a warm and inviting hallway.

Rattan and rope
Natural materials continue to grow in popularity with a love for their simple yet calming aesthetic. Choose one of these delightful tactile pieces to add an extra textural element to the surroundings, as well as fulfil their primary purpose of lighting up an area. Encapsulating the minimalist lifestyle, a compact table lamp that packs a punch is perfect for small homes.

Free-flowing shapes
Just as natural elements dominate the world of interiors, organic silhouettes are another key trend to look out for this autumn. Create a soft textured glow with one of our easy-to-fit, pendant shades. For a more dramatic effect, hang the light over a dining table or in the corner of a room surrounded by greenery. Bravo!

Smart design
It’s not just a “pretty face”. Our Cloister floor lamp is a real hero piece for small space living. It ticks all the “style” boxes but also serves on every level from a practical perspective. The ultimate solution for any reading nook, its handy table can hold your favourite books, or bring the outside in when used as a plant perch.

Industrial details
The term “industrial” has been applied to interiors for decades. It’s a timeless look that has never left us and lends itself perfectly to lighting. Think brushed steel, matt metal and oversized utility floor lamps – they all make a real (and edgy) feature while providing a wider pool of illumination.

Colour pop
Colour is a trend that has, once again, burst into our homes this autumn. Add an accent hue to your room with a handy little task light – great for bedside reading, side tables or desks.

Fusion art
Space and budget restraints may put a stop to any grand ambitions for bringing an artistic, sculptural piece into the home – however, that doesn’t mean you can’t have both style and practicality at the same time.

Look for lamps with an added element to provide interest in the room; for instance, many of our porcelain lamps – from Kashmir to Seashell and Waterfall – feature a pinhole design that glows intricate patterns, looking just as striking with the light off as well as on!

So, while there are plenty of ideas to choose from, make sure you don’t leave yourself in the dark this weekend – get ready for the clock change with our handy lighting guide. Check out our website, or one of our stores, for more details