Super simple home hacks

Well, there’s no escaping the fact that it’s winter now! And we mean proper winter where the days are short and going outside isn’t as much fun as it was when the sun was out. Which means we’re inside more than ever. And we know what happens when we’re inside a lot, right? We start looking at our inside space and working out ways to mix things up and change things around without spending a fortune!
And as luck would have it, we were flicking through some magazine back-issues and came across this great article in Sunday Times Style from Jane McFarland. Called Your Quick Fix Home Hacks, it said: You’re going to be staring at the same four walls for a while – time to do something about them. Jane McFarland asks the experts how to refresh and reset your space easily.
• Thrive in a small space: Staring at a one-bed flat with your other half? Sophie Ashby encourages being clever with space. I would seriously recommend using versatile pieces, integrated storage and dual purpose furniture such as a sofa bed. Add some great art too – it will act as a window into another dimension… In small spaces, I often feel that going bold and colourful is much better than the relentless quest for that light and airy look. If you have a small room and time to redecorate, I would paint the walls a strong, bold colour. All the walls – not just one. Top tip: Don’t waste space housing things that don’t really need to be there. Reduce your kit to the bare, compact essentials. The room will immediately feel more spacious.
• Get green fingered: Kate Moss’s favourite hair stylist Sam McKnight moonlights as a gardener. Now is the time to do all those chores that should have been done already, right? Airing the vegbeds with new compost… Top tip: Bring some foliage inside to reconnect with nature in lieu of actually going outside.
• The eat-in, live-in, work-in kitchen: Has your kitchen table been taken over by laptops, chargers and scattered pieces of paper? Tobias Vernon of the gallery and design store 8 Holland Street, has a remedy. Everyone should craft a workplace composed of the things they love. I set up my mum’s old kitchen table with a vintage lamp, candle and a vase of hyacinths. I’m using various ornaments from around the house as paperweights, including some French 1930s brass bookends that I bought in a market in Avignon last summer. They remind me of the world outside that will soon be accessible once again, so that’s uplifting. Top tip: Create a sense of division and clear away the papers and other work detritus to transform your space back into something ambient for the evening.

Futon Company says: Nice! Some simple home hacks here that can help to shake things up during the dark, winter months. For us, it’s important to focus on the positives in these strange times, so our mantra is to surround yourself with furniture and accessories that help you to thrive not strive. With that in mind, our home hack is all about creating a serene sanctuary where you can take some much needed downtime to carry out your hobbies. Whether reading a book, listening to a podcast, practicing your guitar, doing some adult colouring in, crafting or baking, perfecting your flick (makeup) you can’t go far wrong with some basic home essentials to spruce up your space.

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