Simple Pleasures

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t control very much in this strange old world of ours – except for how we react to the events unfolding around us. It has also shown us the importance of taking rest and replenishing our reserves through nourishing food and healthy habits. Whereas once-upon-a-time, a successful life was measured by forward planning, a full diary and barely a minute to catch our breath, now it’s all about cultivating a calm and peaceful mind, slowing down and learning to enjoy the simple pleasures in life wherever we can
With all this in mind, we were delighted to come across the news that something as simple as drinking a cup of tea can boost brainpower in old age! According to a report from Newcastle University’s Human Nutrition Research Centre, led by Dr Edward Okelio, if you want to stay sharp as the years advance, the first thing you should do is fill the kettle up! According to research, older people who drink 5+ cups of tea each day may be more quick-thinking and focused. Those in the 85+ category were faster at making choices and had better concentration when doing things like DIY and completing jigsaw puzzles.

Futon Company says: For us, there’s something very comforting about the ritual of making and drinking a cup of tea. First, we enjoy choosing a favourite mug to drink it from, then we like to choose the flavour (we like English breakfast in the morning; lemongrass and ginger after lunch and night tea all evening after 6pm!); and then, of course, there’s the best bit – taking 10 minutes away from work, or cooking or whatever we’re doing, to pause, kick-back and relax. Even better if it’s the weekend and we can snuggle in a corner wrapped in a blanket with a good book, slowly sipping. Simple pleasures – and breathe!

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