Home hacks for free

With regional lockdowns set to plague us throughout the autumn and winter, and uncertainty all around , there’s only one option – learn to love your home again and shake things up in your inside space by changing things around. By embracing gratitude for what we have and making small changes that don’t cost a penny, we can breeze through whatever life throws at us over the next few months! And to get us in the mindset for sprucing up our spaces, check out this fab blog – from Remodelista

Here we pick out the home hacks for free that are sure to give your space a refresh over the coming months…
· Rehang your art: One of the most common design mistakes is that art is hung too high. Rule number one with art – it should relate to the object around it. Generally pictures should be at eye level; you should never have to look up to view art unless it’s hung over a tall object… Another picture principle: Have you ever noticed that the catchiest tunes have recognisable patterns along with periods of rest and syncopation? The maxim applies to good design. So instead of hanging a single work of art on each wall, compose a dramatic crescendo by grouping several pieces on one wall, while at the same time creating periods of rest by leaving other walls blank.
· Create visual transitions: Harmonious design involves transitional pieces, items that ease the eye’s transition from one level to the next. A spindle-back chair adjacent to a tall armoire or even a pile of books placed beside the bed can serve as transitional object. One example is to place a smaller basket next to a chair to create a sense of flow.
· Revisit your attic: You never want your home to look too new or too generic. Unearth old items – battered pieces, an old chair, your grandmother’s case, even an empty frame with a rich patina – and use them to add character to your surroundings. You can even pick up something off the street. On the flipside, if your home is all antiques, consider introducing something modern.
· Add greens: Every room benefits from a fresh garden arrangement, but it doesn’t just have to be flowers. Liven up a place with a sweeping branch or aromatic bunch of bay leaves. In the winter, evergreens and rhododendrons provide an unexpected bit of greenery. Grasses add texture and a breezy aspect.
· Add white accents: Add a touch of white to break things up, for example a crisp napkin to enliven a dull dresser; a sun-bleached shell or white beach stone to introduce some bright, refreshing white.
· Texturize: Ilse Crawford’s mantra is that texture, even more than colour, is key to creating a space that is warm and engaging. And it’s pretty easy to find texture already lurking in your home. You just need to dig it out. Liberate the cutting board from under the cabinet and rest it in plain sight on the couther. In your entryway, place a neat pile of your favourite fuzzy scarves on a chair next to a walking stick. Leave your leather boots out. Or your wellies.
· Don’t ignore the elephant in the room; tame it: Most of us are living with pieces we don’t love because we don’t have the money or inclination to replace them, for example an unsightly sofa. Luckily, a chunky throw tossed over the back and some cushions will break up the monotony of the piece.
· Regroup: Introduce balance and harmony into your home by taking a moment to organize yourself and your things. Straighten the books on the shelf. Tuck odds and ends away in an artful box. Like you did with your art, you can group like things for visual impact. And consider those useful items that are pretty enough to be displayed in the open.
· Don’t forget to break the rules and use your imagination: The best design is never too predictable, so feel free to break the rules and surprise people. Hang one piece of art way out in left field. Go monochromatic. Get crazy. But when you do, make sure that you are intentional about how and when you do it. Then you’ll look like a genius!

Futon Company says: Another thought-provoking and inspiring blog from Remodelista. They always leave us feeling inspired! And if reading this has got you in the mood for making some changes, here are some handy heroes that can help you to make small changes in and around the home…

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