Choose the right lighting for your home

With daylight hours lessening, now is the time to bring light into the home so we can get through those gloomy winter nights. It’s important not to underestimate how much the lack of daylight may affect you – it can easily throw off your body clock without you even noticing, especially if you live in a small home where space is at a premium.

According to recent research commissioned by the Weather Channel and YouGov, “as many as 29% of adults will experience symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD)” – due to a lack of daylight. But don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom as there are many ways to keep your home well-lit in these darker months. Lighting is as much about setting the mood as it is about being functional.

Here’s our easy-to-follow guide on what to pick for the living room, dining room and the bedroom…

Living room
The living room can be a place for many things. One minute it’s where you relax and unwind, the next minute it’s where you work for the day, or where your family gathers to play games. The lighting you choose has to serve different purposes – from day to night.

Table lamps are great for some serious home working during the day, and for creating intimate vibes at night. Clean and contemporary designs also go a long way as they are versatile enough to suit any styles without being overpowering.

And if you spend a lot of time reading, invest in a good task lamp or floor lamp for setting up your own reading nook – whether it be by a lounge chair, or in a quiet corner of the room. A slim frame helps if space is limited, but make sure you choose one that gives direct and concentrated light to avoid eyestrain.

Dining room
Just like the living room, the dining room has become another multifunctional space since lockdown. Whatever you pick has to work for different functions; from enjoying everyday meals and kids doing their homework, to entertaining your besties at the weekend.

Pendants are ideal for forming a centrepiece above the dining table. And if you have a long table, try multiples of the same pendant along its length, but remember – don’t go OTT and install more than three.

Alternatively, if your room has another piece of furniture like a sideboard, then dress it with a table lamp to create just the right tone for a romantic dinner for two, or happy hour with friends on a Friday night.

Lighting can make or break a bedroom scheme and, more importantly, your mood. Bear in mind the bedroom is a place to rest and recharge, so a soft illumination is a yes while an unflattering glare is a definite no.

For those with a small bedroom, wall-hung or pendant lights are a better option, with the latter also providing a simple focal point over the bed.

While a paper or porcelain shade gives a subtle, warm glow, it’s worth installing a dimmer switch so you can adjust the brightness of the light to avoid harsh glares and beams.

For more ideas and inspiration…
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