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Beautify your balcony: 6 ways to transform small outdoor spaces

With outdoor space at a premium in today’s housing and rental markets, small areas such as balconies or front patios can often go overlooked.

You don’t need a garden to create the perfect outdoor retreat or area for entertaining. Make the most of the space you have available by using smart, compact and timeless pieces.

Now summer is in full flow, here are our top tips for sprucing up your balcony – ready to enjoy the warmer months ahead.

Café chic
Skip the morning commute to your local coffee house and magic up your own brunch haven with a cute bistro set. Our Naples folding table and chairs are perfect for small spaces where you can enjoy breakfast with your loved one, read a book or even work from home. Not only is a set like this highly versatile, it can also be folded away easily when not in use.

Just faux it
Whether your balcony is a sun trap or north facing, quality and realistic faux plants will provide fresh and alive looking greenery all year round. No wonder this low maintenance décor solution is on the rise, faux plants are completely stress free – no watering and no weeding required. Scatter pots and planters around the area to add vibrant pops of colour – they can also be brought indoors at any time should you wish to repurpose the pieces throughout the winter.

Think smart
When entertaining, create an extended area by opening your doors and seamlessly flowing out onto your balcony for additional seating and space. Choose flexible furniture such as stools which double up as tables for nibbles; folding chairs that can be packed away easily; and screens that provide privacy between apartments, giving your balcony a sense of seclusion – guests will relish in your blissful balcony.

Get creative with accessories
Cosy up your exterior furniture with cushions and throws, lay down a sumptuous rug – you can even use your interior textiles, meaning you won’t be doubling up if you don’t have the storage to keep cumbersome outdoor accessories.

According to interior design magazine, : “Accessories more often found inside, such as mirrors or lighting are another easy way of adding instant atmosphere or brightening up a dark space.” So why not scour the home for items that would suit your new outdoor area, for an instant pick-me-up?

Make it a true home for nature
A recent study by the found how listening to birdsong can transform our mental health. Benefit from this mood-boosting wonder and attract feathered friends by adding a nesting box or feeding chalet to your outdoor space.

Bohemian sanctuary
For the ultimate boho retreat, a sofa come day bed is perfect for lounging on all day and late into the balmy summer evenings.

Our Twingle lounger sofa bed is a great multipurpose piece to invest in – and if you’re planning on upsizing at a later date, it would suit a larger garden or deck beautifully. Pair it with a small table for holding your iced tea, book and sun cream – and you won’t have any reason to move for the rest of the day

The weather’s hotting up – and there really is no time like the present to give your balcony a makeover and start reaping the benefits. For more inspiration, check out our latest collection for the garden here.