Savvy solutions for stashing your stuff

Now that the shops are open again we’ve found ourselves buying bits and bobs to celebrate the return of something resembling normal life. The only problem with this is that we’ve realised we’ve actually got quite a lot of stuff, and that actually we like our stuff to be stored and stashed in a way that’s neat and tidy.

So when we came across these savvy storage hacks from Sadhhbh O’Sullivan we were intrigued.   

Writing for Refinery29, Sadhhbh says: With reorganising and re-evaluating comes a need for somewhere to put all the stuff that has been organised and evaluated. And for that you need some clever storage. Unless you’re lucky enough to have storage space to spare, you’re going to have to be clever with what you have, which means using the corners of the room, under the furniture or even replacing furniture with storage built in. Lucky for you, there are plenty of good options going if you know where to look. Here’s a selection of our favourite storage hacks:

  1. A breathable and foldable box is perfect for making the most of the space under your bed. Whether you’ve discovered items you had long forgotten or just done a big reorganising, keeping clothes and shoes out of sight but easy to access is the ultimate goal of this kind of storage
  2. Storage doesn’t need to be stowed away but can be part of the decor when done right. Baskets are ideal for stashing clutter or simply as a place to keep the 1,001 bits and bobs you’ve unearthed in the living room
  3. Storage doesn’t have to be single purpose if you’re able to make a bit more of an investment. Multi-purpose furniture is perfect for smaller spaces
  4. Stackable boxes make the organisation of smaller items a breeze
  5. Organising shoes can be complicated but sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. A functional two tier shoe rack can be slotted into the back of a cupboard or corner of a room to free up floor space and improve access to whatever pair you’re after
  6. Ladder shelves are a space-saving solution in themselves, providing a neat way to organise your wares without taking up too much room vertically or horizontally thanks to its leaning structure

Futon Company says: What an excellent blog! So many storage hacks which are close to our hearts we don’t know which one to praise first! Suffice to say, when your space is compact, there are multiple ways to maximise your storage with the right kit. Embrace your small space!

Wissant Basket

Walnut Shoe Rack

Oak Triple Tidy

Stacking Cube

Oak Leaning Ladder Shelves