Simple pleasures

If we’ve learnt anything these past few months, it’s the importance of keeping calm and carrying on. When traditional pick-me-ups like drinks at the pub with friends, a meal out or a weekend away aren’t necessarily options anymore, it’s the simple pleasures that come centre stage. So when we came across the article How to keep your life simple in a recent issue of Grazia magazine, we were intrigued.

Written by Julia Hobsbawn, an entrepreneur and public speaker, her advice is this: It is always a good idea to keep calm at the best of times, but especially during a crisis. My Simplicity Principle is based around the proven ‘perfect’ number six, within the cognitive limit of what we can do at any time; any more than this triggers anxiety.
– Breathe. Sit and breathe in through your nose for a count of six, hold for six and breathe out through your nose for six. Six times. Or sit still for just six minutes a day and allow any feelings of inner turbulence to surface: the calm comes because you have let that feeling out.
– Reset. Resetting is about noticing who you really are and what you can do to distract, soothe and interest yourself: you will be surprised how powerful it is to give yourself permission to rest. If you are well, do whatever you can to walk outside and catch the sun: nothing calms the nervous system more than nature.
– Learn. The perfect way to be calm is to take control of your life as far as you can. Decide to learn one new thing a day – a new exercise technique, crafting skill: it’s all there online.
– Network. Connect with your most trusted family and friends and reassure each other, soothe fears and help to keep things in perspective.
– Knowledge. Don’t scroll endlessly on social networks for news; identify six trusted sources and check in no more than six times a day for updates. Spend the rest of the time doing something physical – walking, cooking, gardening, making. Keep to a daily routine as much as possible and create time zones in which you do certain things so there is a sense of order.

Futon Company says: we may not be in lockdown any more but life is still very different from this time last year, and it looks like it may be a while before things get back to the sort of normal we’re used to. The idea of keeping life simple but rich with connections, structure and experiences appeals to us, and in a similar way we’re big advocates of simplifying your space. Having your house, room in a house share or apartment as your haven is more important than ever right now, and keeping your space tidy and uncluttered keeps things simple. What’s more, surrounding yourself with the things you need to keep you happy, warm and safe are key. Check out our simple pleasures. Perfect for life in this modern world we live in.

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