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15 affordable ways to spruce up your space for £50 and under

All that time spent indoors these past few months has surely taken its toll! Perhaps you’re bored of staring at the same four walls and are in the mood to re-vamp your space. Be inspired by these 15 small changes – they can be achieved on a modest budget but make a big impact.

1. Collate your knick-knacks:

Add fresh interest to your wall space by collating and curating your knick-knacks. These natural oak Trinket Shelves (from £12) are ideally designed for the modern-day shelfie addict.

2. A stool that is a table:

Double your space with this dual-function Oak Dressing Stool (£50). Simply slip under a desk, table or dressing table when not in use and use as a seat or side table when needed. It’s twice as nice for one price!

3. Add some greenery:

Go green with our fab fauxs! This Blue Chalk Finger Faux Plant (£4) is a decorative it-bit that’s blooming lovely – and are fake news you’ll want to hear!

4. Collate your bedside table:

Bring order to your bedroom with this interior it-bit that culls the clutter and serves up in style. Our Square Enamel Trays (from £10) are perfect for collating and sorting out your bedside table.

5. Designated key storage:

Streamline your space by adding a Mirror Key Rotating Cabinet (£22) to your room. Small and compact, this is a quick-win way to shake things up!

6. Decant your soap:

Make a splash in the bathroom and decant your soap in style with this urban-luxe Bliss Soap Dispenser (£8). Small changes can make a big difference.

7. Elevate bath time:

Take bath-time up a notch with this handy Bamboo Bath Tray (£50) hero that’s perfectly designed for stashing soap, shaving foam and the odd cheeky glass of wine/G&T/tea!

8. Find a space to corral bits and bobs:

Dream weaves are a quick-fix and stylish storage solution for multiple spaces including the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, playroom and living room. Check out our Jute & Cotton Storage Basket with Handles (£25).

9. Hack the pantry:

These wicked Small Wire Basket Trays (from £10) are the perfect larder storage saviour. Robust, portable and lightweight, they are ideal for storing fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices – they’re a real lush livewire!

10. Keep shoes off the floor:

Put your best food forward with this Walnut Shoe Rack (£24) wooden wonder. Made from naturally beautiful wood, this handy hero stacks and stacks until it transforms into a sleek shelving unit.

11. Make unexpected wall art:

Our nature-inspired wall-mounted marvels are perfectly designed for going native. Quick to hang and easy on the purse, this Wooden Finish Deer Head (£45) is the ideal way to bring the outside in and make a big yet quirky impact.

12. Make washing-up fun:

Transport yourself to another world with these washing-up wonders. Featuring iconic urban images, these photo-heroes double up as wall art (£10). Snap one up while you can! Check out our London Embankment Tea Towel (by Barbara Chandler).

13. Swap outdated lamps:

Reflect on your space by investing in a new Tulip Lamp (£30). Lamps are a quick and easy way to shake things up. Now’s the time to shine the spotlight on new shapes, shades and styles.

14. Update your entryway:

Our Oak Letter Storage Hook Rail (£26) is a storage solution that’s perfect for the pieces you dare to bare – coats, hats and scarves – as well as cannily curating pictures, books and small knick-knacks

15. Working from home:

Curate your home working kit with a Scribe Desk Organiser (£18) – smart saviour that arranges and organises. Perfect for stashing pens, scissors, paperclips and stapler.