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Summer holidays incoming: how to keep a tidy home with children

School has officially finished for the year and the children are home for the summer. However, six weeks of toys and shoes strewn around the house, piles of washing and empty snack cupboards may feel less than idyllic. Still, it needn’t be mission impossible to keep the place organised after the kids break up.

Here are our top tips to keep clutter at bay and maintain a harmonious home throughout the holidays – meaning less time spent tidying and more for creating memories:

Create a play zone
If you invested in a “shoffice” (an office in a shed) during lockdown, now is the time to repurpose it and create a designated area for your littles and teens to laze over the next couple of months. For instance, turn it into a comfy lounge space with our Neru day bed, specifically designed for small space living. Cleverly made using two tatami mats paired with two futons, the day bed can be easily transformed into a sleep space for the evening. Pack out their pad with games, toys, a snack station, and there you have it, the perfect hangout for the summer!

Make tidying a habit
Getting the kids on board with tidy time at the beginning of the holidays is a game changer – instilling small rituals ensures the end-of-day clean-up won’t take away your whole evening. As well as a back doormat for muddy and sandy feet, a basket or rack to hold shoes in one place helps eliminate them being kicked off around the house.

Add a laundry bin to your living area for impromptu outfit changes or wet swimmers when the paddling pool is out. There’s nothing worse than picking up a mountain of clothes at the end of the day – especially after a long day WFH.

Invest in flexible seating
Make the most of the sun while it lasts and get outdoors in the fresh summer air. Set up a slouch and snooze space under a tree with a savvy go-anywhere solution. From the Roly-Poly futon roll to the Bed in a Bag and Zip-Up Bed, all are great options for chilling, sleep and play. They can also be taken on a sleepover round grandparents’ or friends’ – compact and super flexible, what more could you want?

Go crafty
Kids love crafts so give them the space and tools they need to get creative (and messy), and you’ll have hours of fun and entertainment ahead of you! Set up an easy surface for painting and drawing; for instance, try our Quill Desk which can be placed on a wall at the right height for little people, plus it’s perfect for tight spaces. Go further with some tidy trays, trugs and sorters to help keep crafty bits in order and accessible for small hands.

Credit: @playtimeandlearn

Give toys a tidy home too
One thing you can never have enough of is storage – in particular when it comes to housing toys. If you want to encourage children to put their toys away, make your storage fun, bright and appealing. These stacking charcoal cubes are a cute way of getting kids involved in toy sorting – let them take the lead and use chalk to write what’s in each box.

Credit: @sheffield_1920s_renovation

Grab and go
For days out, keep a large canvas bag or basket in the car filled with beach mats and games, buckets and spades, towels and swim stuff. This way it’s not cluttering up your hallway and is ready to go for last-minute trips to the beach. The UK has so many gorgeous beaches on offer and now’s the time to start exploring.

So, take the stress and mess out of the holidays and enjoy the now. For more storage ideas, visit us in-store or online. Meanwhile, have a great summer!