Stashing sentimental stuff

Marie Kondo might still be flavour of the month with her mindful approach to curbing the clutter, but, it seems, we’re still sentimental when it comes to clinging on to old clothes.

That’s according to preloved clothing website Patatam, who commissioned a survey to explore attitudes to clothing in the UK.

According to the research, British women have up to £500 worth of unused clothes in their wardrobes. Apparently there’s £13 billion of unwanted clothes across the UK, with 17% of women holding onto unworn clothes for sentimental reasons – because it reminds them of a specific person, place or experience. A further 18% keep clothes that no longer fit them in the hope that they’ll be able to wear them again in the future.

Futon Company says: This survey rang a few bells with us! We might be experts in small space living but we’re also a bit sentimental when it comes to preloved clothing (as the survey calls it). Who doesn’t have a t-shirt or a pair of jeans that’s linked to a poignant memory – it can be hard to chuck things out when there’s a memory attached! If that sounds familiar, check out our space saving furniture – ideally designed for stashing sentimental stuff.

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