Creating a space for your adult self

Whether you’re 18 and leaving home for the first time; moving into a flat share; or 40-something, newly single and living alone, there comes a time in every person’s life when they finally feel all grown up and in a position to take control of their own space. So’s Blog How to make a home look grown up really resonated with us. What’s more, it got us thinking about what it really means to create a space that meets your adult needs.

The article explains: Reaching the point in your life when you can control your space – whether that’s a whole house or even just a bedroom – is a milestone worth celebrating… If you want your space to feel elevated, turn it into exactly what you like. Don’t be afraid to break the rules…whatever speaks to you….A grown-up apartment is one that reflects the person that lives there and is unique to their taste and sensibility.

Here’s a snapshot of our favourite tips for adult-ifying your space:

  • Sleep in style – no old, tousled sheets
  • Don’t play it safe with your colour palette
  • Adding serious storage creates serious people
  • Dress your windows
  • Take some responsibility – enjoy and nurture your space with indoor plants and trees
  • Choose a style or mix of styles and stick to it
  • Express yourself
  • Think about form and function

Futon Company says: Lots to think about in this blog! Focusing on form and function is a top tip that really speaks to us. It means making sure that every piece of furniture in your home has a purpose. This is especially true if you live in a small space – in some cases furniture needs to have more than one use, for example a dining table might also be your work desk – and so on. The other tip that jumps out to us is choosing a style or mix of styles and sticking to it. Essentially this means being true to yourself and buying things that spark joy or make you smile – after all, life’s too short to live in a space where you’re surrounded things you don’t love!

Quad 2 Seater Birch Sofa Bed

Dione Table

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Sunset Desk

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