A space to call home

Over the past few months there’s been a bigger focus on our homes than any of us have ever seen before in our lifetime. Being inside 24/7 for many months has meant that for most of us (at least those of us who aren’t key workers) have spent more time inside than any other time we can remember. Suddenly our homes have become the be all backdrop for our lives acting as makeshift offices, Zoom-ready bars for socialising with friends and cinemas for relaxing. Those who live with others have been searching high and low for a small space to call their own, while those home alone have been finding ways to fill up their spaces with nurturing furniture and objects in the absence of face-to-face human contact.
So when we came across the article I can make a home anywhere in a recent issue of Grazia magazine we were intrigued. Focusing on Laura Jackson, domestic goddess of the Instagram generation the article focuses on her recent house renovation, but what interested us most was Laura’s top tips for making your house a home (more important than ever in COVID-world!). She says:
• Bring the outdoors in: Whether it’s a plant, flowers from the garden or herbs in a plant pot, bringing the outdoors in not only looks nice, it’s been proven to help our mental health too
• Display your favourite accessories: A book, vase or glasses in the kitchen – or whatever you love – really makes a home personal
• Add some personal details to furniture: Personalise furniture with a lick of paint. That’s a great way to give a personal stamp to your pieces
• Be creative about what’s in your home: For years I used an old chair as a bedside table, and I tiled the top of an old piece of wood I found in a skip to use as a countertop
• Add photos to the walls: I rented for many years and there were always rules about how you could decorate. I used to get lots of photo frames up on the wall with photos, posters or even pressed flowers inside them
• Re-arrange your furniture: When I am bored a spend a day rearranging and organising: It can completely transform a room
• Follow your gut: Taste is so subjective. This is your home and you should decorate it however is best for you. If you like pattern and colour go for that; if you like natural whites that’s great too – it’s all about what works for you

Futon Company says: Transforming a space into a home is something that evolves as you do. By combining practicalities (like making sure you’ve got enough storage space) with feel-good factors (like introducing tactile textiles and surrounding yourself with colours that make you happy) is the perfect way to start creating (or continue building) a space to call home. Check out some of our homebody goodies to get you started…

Velvet Orbit Swivel Chair

Paradise Bird Cushion

Jade Money Plant Faux Plant

Oak Dressing Table Mirror with Drawers

Wooden Finish Deer Head