How to HFH

It might be summer but not as we know it. With coronavirus/money/fear factor still lurking in the background, for most of us a traditional summer holiday is off the agenda. Whether it’s a fear of flying in the grip of a global pandemic, a need to save your pennies or just a reluctance to go far from home in the current climate, it’s safe to say that this summer is different in more ways than one. And we can always count on Grazia magazine to successfully sum up the mood of summer!

Says journalist Polly Vernon: This summer will be your HFH? That’s *holidaying from home – and what most of us will be doing over the next couple of months. Vacationing in your own house can be a break from the new normal… What if there were ways to holiday up home life? To take a week off whatever this is, and venture into some new emotional territories and experience, in the way we once ventured to other parts of Greece:
· Get up sickeningly early – chivvy your partner/friend to drive to your nearest McDonalds, take out a breakfast, then consume it, along with a pint of beer and a whisky chaser, in a nearby car park.
· Buy some new bed linen – and possibly towels. It won’t make a five star hotel of your home, but it’ll make it, say, 15% more like one than before.
· Plan an extravagant holiday wardrobe then end up wearing the same pair of cut-off shorts every day for a week.
· Do stuff differently. Get up a little later than you have until now. Choose not to turn the telly on. Go walking, Take your coffee away from a different coffee shop; change your order.
· Also, eat different food. Try something new.
· Ease off the online workouts.
· You may not have a beach or a pool, but you can create an excellent lounging area in whatever suntrap is at your disposal.
· Go A-walking: This is a meandering, extended meditative stroll, best accomplished alone.
· Ditch the news.

Futon Company says: A change is as good as a rest, so the saying goes, and we can’t agree more. For most of us, the prospect of jetting off to foreign climes might be off the agenda for this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t switch things up and take some time out from our usual routines. And mixing things up doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Something as simple as camping in the garden, eating alfresco or a TV dinner on a tray could change things around. Or maybe picnicking in the park. Happy HFH everybody!

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