Magic interiors

We’ve covered all sorts of interiors and life style trends in our blogs over the years. Everyone from Marie Kondo to James Wallman has had a mention and we’ve advocated everything from folding clothes that sparks joy to Swedish death cleaning. Now, according to Sunday Times journalist Alexandra Goss, it’s time for something new – witchcraft!

Self-labelled witch Erica Feldmann has written a book called HausMagick which combines earth magic, astrology, meditation and herbalism combined with interior design. It explains that your star sign determines the way you should furnish your home, and how tarot can help you find your perfect housemate.

The author tells us how crystals can help to align you with the universe as well as blocking electromagnetic waves from mobile phones. There’s also a section on bonding psychically with your pet.

This might all sound out there but wiccans and pagans are a thing right now. In fact, according to the article over 1.5 million Americans label themselves wiccan or pagan, and 12,000 live in England and Wales.

Whether you buy into it or not, the book is likely to appeal to anyone who is attracted to mindfulness and who feels it important to connect with the space they’re in. Says Feldmann, even if you don’t consider yourself a homebody, at the very least your home is a shelter. In the storm of our chaotic, anxiety-producing world, it provides a retreat where you can recharge your batteries, fill up your cup or get a decent night’s sleep.

The book is described by the Sunday Times as a six-stage witchy hygge guide to transforming any space into a sanctuary. Ultimately the author wants to help a home become the ultimate safe space.

Futon Company says: We love the idea of this being a witchy hygge! This book is different to anything we’ve come across before. And although some of the ideas are a little out there we’re always game to new ideas and trends that help us to make the most of the spaces we live in. One idea in the book that everyone will relate to is the importance of light in the home. Feldmann says lamps are such an easy way of putting intention into your space, especially when you’re renting. You’re sending a message that you’re not going to flip the switch that came with the place [instead you’re making your own mark). This book has certainly cast a spell on us!

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