Creating power looks for your space

Always on the hunt for fresh ideas, trends and inspiration we were interested to learn about the new A-list must have. According to Grazia magazine, 12th March, behind every great celebrity look is a stylist – or an image architect. This person is a sartorial agenda-setter.

The image architect they’re referring to in this instance is called Mr Law Roach whose focus is on power dressing the A-list, but the term really sparked our interest and got us thinking. We’re all familiar with the concept of interior designers and interior architects for the home, but the idea of having an image architect is a potentially interesting twist on something familiar. In interiors an image architect roughly translates as a stylist – a person who pulls together looks, mood boards and aesthetics for the home. 

Taking that concept one step further, anyone who has ever lived in a home (or even a room) and takes an interest in their surroundings is potentially an image architect. So to our mind, it’s time to get down and dirty with the A listers, embrace your inner image architect and get creating power looks for your space for the new season.

Check out our range of image focused goodies, each and every one designed with space saving living in mind….

Scoop Sofa

Quilted Chambray Bedspread

Crocus Floor Lamp