Rub a dub dub time to spruce up your tub?

Whether you’re a long term renter or own your own home, there are always ways you can spruce up your space. And with spring just around the corner, this is as good a time as any to appraise your home and find handy hacks that make all the different but don’t cost the earth. So when we came across this blog expert advice – 10 tips for transforming a rental bath we couldn’t wait to read more. Here’s our edited version of what blogger Sarah Lonsdale says about tackling a bathroom makeover:

• Strip the space down to its bare elements, make everything white and add layers of texture to prevent the room from feeling sterile.
• Swap the light fixtures. Remove shades and instead introduce silver-tipped bulbs which are visually pleasing and provide better light.
• Hang as much as possible e.g. keep hand towels on a hanger – it’s a practical storage solution and a way to add texture.
• Introduce warm elements. All white can feel a bit clinical so introduce warmth and texture to the space, for example a floor mat and stool.
• Utilise every bit of space. Any handle or knob is fair game for storage in my book.
• Display well. Showcase the good looking bottles and decant or hide anything with packaging that’s not appealing. Think of the shelves in your cabinet as a series of vignettes that you are constantly changing.
• Declutter. The smaller the space, the more that things need room to breathe.
• Be creative with storage, for example stowing toilet paper in a basket.
• Remove anything that doesn’t look good.
• Accent with white. Use a thick white cotton shower curtain and white towels and linens to keep the look clean and fresh.

Futon Company says: Plenty of fab hacks in this blog also lend themselves perfectly to small space living! Our favourite tips for refreshing a bathroom space relies heavily on maximising the space you have available. Introduce streamlined and practical furniture to the space and accessorise with punchy pieces that reflect your personality. A stool or side table is a handy place to perch your iPad/ cup of tea/ glass of wine while you’re bathing/ showering, and handy hooks are perfect for hanging clothes and towels. Style your way to bathroom bliss with these sailor-made top tips!

Emma Tall Bathroom Cabinet

Bliss Soap Dispenser

Bamboo Stool

Deaville Basket

Eve Bamboo Basket Rack

Glance Mirror

Lucy Toilet Roll Holder

Manitoba Bath Bridge