Embrace the wellness trend

It’s no secret that wellness is a trend that’s set to remain BIG in 2020. From guided meditation to mindfulness, adult colouring to reiki, prioritising your mental health remains key to living a happy life. Whatever techniques you use to keep yourself cool, calm and collected, there’s a lot to be said for taking time out for yourself from time to time. Speaking to colleagues (both those who go to the office every day, those who work from home and those who ferry kids around like a taxi service!) there’s a real need to switch off from the general business of everyday life, even if it’s just for five minutes. Ways of doing this include: reading trashy magazines; getting absorbed in an escapist novel; Netflix binging; playing Solitaire; playing cards with friend or partner; adult colouring in – to name a few.

So while we were indulging in some of our very own switching off, we came across this Blog ” and thought daybed – that’s the perfect place to embrace wellness! But what exactly is a daybed? Here’s what the experts at say:

It’s not a bench. Not a loveseat (though it could be used for both). The incredibly versatile daybed is a piece of furniture that’s a half-bed, half-sofa combo… It’s the ideal spot for lounging during the day and for napping in the afternoon. While daybeds come in many shapes and sizes, they are typically defined by twin-size mattresses that have frames on three sides of the bed not just a headboard and footboard like a traditional bed. A daybed is a multifunctional furniture piece perfect for smaller spaces or rooms that need to have a flexible use. It can be an extra sofa and, when needed, a spare twin bed. They are perfect for guest rooms and offices – or a space that needs to be both – as well as basements, bedrooms popular for sleepovers, or even on terraces or patios. Daybeds and sofa beds have identical purposes of lounging and sleeping, but they’re designed quite differently. Daybeds are static in form, meaning you don’t change their silhouettes when switching from a sofa use to a bed use. Sofa beds actually transform from true sofas into pull-out beds, usually through a foldable frame that’s hidden within the furniture.

Futon Company says: Don’t be fooled by the name – our daybed-style wonders are ideally designed for all things wellness. Happy chill time!

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