Embrace your space In these strange times

Futon Company says: With self-isolation a bit/lot of a thing right now, there’s no better time to embrace your space and hunker down In these strange times. Yes, we know this is no joking matter, rather we’re looking for the positives in a strange and unprecedented situation! So browsing through our old magazine collection we came upon this article in Grazia Magazine called Giving your bedroom a luxe makeover. Written in autumn last year, the premise was that as the weather gets colder (or in this case with COVID-19 arrives on our shores), a bedroom retreat becomes more important. It continues: A feel-good room is more likely to get you a good night’s sleep, keeping your immune system strong and helping you de-stress. So, if your bedroom looks more student bedsit than boutique hotel, here’s how to transform it….Here’s a snapshot of top tips from the article:

• Set the mood: Pale shades create a relaxed vibe but, for a cocooning effect go dark. Dark tones create a sensual, luxurious and intimate space.
• Create head space: A headboard frames the bed, elevating it to a statement piece and giving the room a focal point. Alternatively, create a headboard effect by hanging large artwork or a decorative rug or throw behind the bed or painting a graphic shape.
• Luxe up your bed: Plush bed linen and throws are key to a luxe look. It’s all about layers. Start with a mattress topper, add bed linen and finish with a throw… For hotel-style chic, prop the pillows up and place a few cushions in the room’s accent colour(s)
• Give the side eye: Style up your bedside tables with beautiful accessories but don’t overdo it and tip into clutter. Add a statement lamp or give your existing plain one a great shade. Add a small houseplant, a couple of books and scented candle.
• Add texture: Give your bare feet a treat with a soft rug. At the windows, a blind is practical but curtains feel luxurious.
• Keep it sleek: Nothing brings a bedroom down like clutter, but overfilling with furniture makes it feel cramped. Opt for built-in storage and use the space under your bed. Aim for just an attractive chest of drawers.

Soft Quilt Bedspread

Deep Fleece Bedspread

Velvet Chevron Quilted Cushion

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