Refresh your home for Spring in 4 easy steps

Spring has finally sprung, and we’re kicking off April with a fresh new approach to home decor. Now is a good time to reassess how we live and find ways to revitalise our living space.

It’s not necessarily a case of out with the old and in with the new; rather, it’s all about reorganising and bringing freshness to the home. We’re talking muted shades, light fabrics and natural materials – in time for the warmer months ahead.

Ready to get into Spring but don’t know how? Here are our top tips on sprucing up your space in four easy steps, so you can embrace the new season inside and out.

Tidy things away

For many, cleaning and tidying up can be dull and tedious – but that satisfying feeling of getting it done and seeing a spacious home at the end makes it worth the effort. And that’s not it – the simple sight of a spotless and orderly home also helps ease our minds and reduce stress.

The key to this is having good – and clever – storage solutions! Leaning furniture is great for small homes as it maximises space on the wall while occupying little on the floor. Easily movable, caddies and trollies are also ideal to reduce clutter with flexibility and minimal effort.

To keep things in order, you can’t do it without some good old baskets and stackable boxes. They’re handy and versatile enough to store away everything from magazines and toys to cushions and blankets.

Update the colour palette

It might all be about muted shades last season when we craved comfort and cosiness. Now, we need to switch things up and fine-tune the colour palette to prep our homes for Spring. Shades may still be muted, but opt for those that are lighter and less saturated. Think simple neutrals, soft greys and pastel tones.

And if you don’t want to go all pared-down, why not add a hint of bright hue here and there to elevate the room? Don’t go OTT with it though – make sure the space still feels calm and airy. Try pops of colour that are commonly found in nature – from sunflower yellow to sharp orange and lush green.

Go light

Spring means it’s time to put away your thick curtains and blankets and replace them with ones made from lighter fabrics like cotton and linen. It’s a small tweak but with a big impact – in particular, during warmer months – so your room feels refreshed, if not brighter and larger.

What else? Mix different textures and soft tones to create depth and a sense of comfort and easiness. Feeling breezy already?

Take it outside (and inside)

Outside is the new inside – bring the best of indoor living to the outdoors. A bistro table set is a no-brainer as it’s generally compact and can fit in – pretty much – any space, including patios and balconies. If you have room, treat yourself to a lounger for your Vitamin D fix when the sun is out. And don’t forget to add a few outdoor cushions to keep it nice and comfy for ultimate relaxation.

For those who don’t have the luxury of outside space, bringing nature indoors is equally important – especially when living in small homes. Plants are known to clean the air and inject the feeling of life into a physical environment. They also help reduce stress offering a sense of calmness to our often hectic lives. Before you go on a shopping spree though, make sure you do your research and check the best plants for your home. Watering, natural light and humidity are some of the key things to consider. For more tips and advice, watch this free video course from .

So, there are many simple ways to freshen up your home – no matter what size it is – without turning it upside down. Check out our latest space-saving collections – including storage ideas, planters and outdoor furniture – to bring a touch of Spring to your favourite corner.