Create a cocktail corner in your space

Unless you’ve been hiding under a bush for the past few weeks you can’t have failed to notice that the festive season is in full swing! And now that you’ve sampled work drinks/ neighbour drinks/ alcohol-fuelled nights in dodgy-bars-a-plenty, perhaps it’s time to think about (gulp) hosting your own merry mingle?

And as always Grazia magazine is shining the spotlight on festive entertaining trends. Apparently bar carts are a thing right now. Here, Emily Henson, author of the recently published Bar Cart Style shares her top tips for styling your bar cart:

  • Think about where it’s going to go, and then choose one that comfortably fits the space.
  • Also think about what you’re going to use it for. If you want it to act as an extension of your storage for glassware then look for one with either an extra shelf or racks to hang glasses on.
  • Moving on to the focal point – the drinks! Start with a collection of white spirits – classic gins, vodkas, light rum and tequila. Whiskies and cognacs are always useful. Mixers would be the next step – tonic, sodas and colas. Always keep limes, lemons and oranges handy for both squeezing and garnishing. Sherry is also a festive must-have.
  • Thinking about the kit: a cocktail shaker, a mixing glass, a bar spoon, measuring equipment, strainer, a good knife and a cutting board. And don’t forget the ice. You’ll always use more than you think. Straws are also a cocktail essential.
  • Decorative glasses are a must, and dress your cart with something pretty, for example garnishes or fresh flowers.

Futon Company says: We like nothing more than a scrumptious cocktail but if this approach to creating a cocktail cart sounds a little excessive (not to mention expensive) and you’re worried that you don’t have the space or spare cash to create something so extravagant, why not create your own version and instead set up an impromptu cocktail corner for Christmas. Check out our range of space saving storage units – each of which can be styled to stash your cocktails (or at least a cheeky bottle of wine/ beer or two)…Happy hosting everyone!

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