New year, new work: how to craft the ultimate WFH setup for 2024

According to The Times, it looks as though hybrid working is set to ramp up a gear in 2024, with many major businesses starting to hire chief hybrid officers to oversee and optimise this evolving working model. The Flexible Working Bill is also expected to become law in the UK this spring, enabling employees to request flexible working arrangements from day one of their new job. So, while the return to the office gains momentum, the work-from-home (WFH) movement appears to be here to stay – hurrah!

With this in mind, it might be a good time to evaluate your home office setup. If you haven’t given your working environment a refresh lately, or you wish to establish a more permanent workspace, here are our top five tips for elevating your WFH experience.

Set the foundation
Whether you’re already accustomed to WFH or new to it, start with the basics. Invest in a durable and functional workstation, be it a  standing desk, great for posture, or a curved desk – on-trend for 2024. Find something that suits your needs and space.

Ensure your office chair is comfortable and at the correct height; prioritise storage with a filing cabinet or shelving; invest in good lighting for those Zoom calls; and finally, consider desk organising accessories to keep your space neat and tidy.

Try Feng Shui
Have you tried applying the art of Feng Shui to your home office? According to this ancient Chinese practice, the door of a room opens up opportunities and fresh ideas. Sitting away from the line of this positive energy flow can be disadvantageous.

If you want to work successfully from home and propel your career forward, make sure your desk faces the door. Also, keep it free from clutter, as a tidy workspace fosters a tidy mind, allowing you to focus on the job at hand.

Work smart
If you can’t dedicate an entire space to an office, create a nook with a folding room divider to make any room a multitasking success. Look for multifunctional furniture such as a nifty leaning ladder desk with integrated storage, a dressing table that doubles up as a desk, or furniture that easily folds away at the end of the working day.

Stay neutral
Thanks to their calming and soothing nature, neutrals are perfect for a home office. Soft mushroom greys, gentle blush tones and subtle earthy neutrals are all hot in 2024. These versatile shades allow personalisation without overwhelming the workspace, promoting a clean, sophisticated aesthetic conducive to focus.

As well as paint, try upholstered office chairs, wooden furniture and accessories to help inject these comforting colours into your WFH den.

Above right image: @eleanormargaret_

Add greenery
Many studies have found that spending time around plants and flowers can enhance concentration levels, productivity and overall mood. This applies to faux plants as much as real ones.

Place an abundance of greenery in gorgeous planters on your desk or display it on a nearby plant stand – the more, the merrier, we say. Bring the outside in, which is especially crucial during cold, dark January days when going out may not be the preferred option.

Whether you’re applying for a new job or advancing in your current role, rejuvenate and motivate yourself with a new WFH look! Shop our full home office collection in-store or online now.