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5 interior design trends taking us into the new year

And just like that, 2023 is coming to an end. Looking to the new year has got us thinking about forthcoming trends. To start, expect everything to go peachy in the coming months, as Pantone has named “Peach Fuzz” its new Colour of the Year. Meanwhile, 2024 is tipped to be the year we incorporate natural, earthy tones into the home while focusing on good craftmanship, organic shapes and minimalist design.

So, how do we put these into practice? Let’s delve into what’s hot for the year ahead with our top 5 trends:

Quiet luxury
Stealth wealth and other money-focused interior styles are said to have been sparked from the hit TV series, Succession. Homeowners are taking inspiration from the luxurious aesthetics in the show and gravitating towards a more timeless interior, particularly when it comes to styling up their shelves with simple yet chic pieces.

Just as the rich never dress like they’re rich, the stealth wealth shelf never reveals much about its owner. So think less family portraits and kids’ art, and more sculptural vases, trailing eucalyptus and a decorative bowl or lantern – super sleek yet unassuming.

Curvy, wavy and squiggly
These popular shapes aren’t going anywhere. With the iconic squiggle mirror trending on TikTok and the groovy ’70s returning with a bang in 2023, curves remain in full swing next year.

Banish straight-edged accessories and furniture in favour of more fluid forms. Introduce this aesthetic with pebble-shaped mirrors, soft-edged furniture and rounded lighting – it’s an easy look to achieve when you know how.

Chocolate browns
Brown is poised to make an earthy splash next year, taking over from its long-reigning counterpart, grey, according to paint company Little Greene. Its latest Sweet Treats collection boasts a palette of timeless and versatile shades, promising to infuse homes with warmth and comfort – from the delectable Ganache to the enticing Affogato and rich Chocolate, these hues sound delish!

While some may view brown as a bit of a “marmite” shade – love it or hate it – there are subtle ways to test its waters without full commitment. Opt for pops of this indulgent hue through accent cushions or rugs; textiles offer a perfect opportunity to dip your toe into a trend. For those feeling a tad more adventurous, consider a new sofa bed cover – brown, often overlooked, will suit any scheme thanks to its neutral appearance.

Sculptural and minimalist lighting
Simple design is having a moment. An uncluttered and pared-back home is something many of us aspire to – it’s more than just a trend, it’s a way of living. Calm and neutral interiors make us feel relaxed as we go about our busy lives.

A few strong core pieces placed within a minimalist setting can add visual character and provide a focal point to the room. Next year, expect to see sculptural lighting with interesting shapes, tactile materials and bold colours.

The “spathroom”, a spa-inspired bathroom, is set to make waves – driven by the popularity of health, wellness and dedicated self-care retreats. Get ready for a transformation in our wash spaces and elevate them with fine materials – like quartz and marble – to recreate an indulgent spa experience right at home. Complete the look with soft towels, serene plants, and an abundance of candles, culminating in a feeling of utter tranquility – the epitome of bathroom bliss.

Here you have it – our top 5 trends for the year ahead! After stowing away your tree and decs post-New Year, take a step back and picture your home as a blank canvas. What trend will you be diving into next year? Explore more on Pinterest Predicts to stay ahead of the (social media) curve – from “Western Gothic” and “Jazz Revival” to “Kitschens” and “Cafecore”.

From all of us at Futon Company, we wish you a fabulous festive break and look forward to bringing you more home ideas and inspo in 2024!