Spring into action: how to start a seasonal clean and declutter

Spring has sprung, and we’re looking forward to an extra-long weekend. Will you be using the extended bank holiday to give your home a deep clean for the new season? There’s nothing more positive than a few productive days spent resetting, refreshing and getting organised, ready to start April with a spring in your step.

The only drawback is finding the motivation and knowing how to start. Our first piece of advice would be to sit down with a cuppa and make a checklist of everything you want to achieve, setting yourself a deadline. It needn’t be boring; create a cleaning playlist with upbeat tracks or set aside your favourite podcasts. Ensure you take regular breaks and dress in comfy clothes. Lastly, remember it’s not all down to you, so delegate tasks to whoever shares your home with you – kids, partner, housemates – because teamwork makes the dream work.

Decluttering mantra – keep, donate, discard
No matter how tidy your home is, everyone has clutter somewhere, and no spring clean would be complete without a touch of decluttering. Sort items into keep, donate and discard piles. Simplifying your living space not only creates a cleaner environment but also promotes mental clarity, allowing you to then focus on deep cleaning. Follow by dusting, wiping and vacuuming to make your space feel fresh and revitalised.

Here, we’ve broken down tasks into manageable chunks to help you get started. It’s not an exhaustive list, and everyone’s place is different, but we’ve put together some ideas and tips on how to tackle some of the most common areas around the home.

● Clean out your cupboards and pantry, as well as your junk and cutlery drawers.
● Give your microwave, oven and fridge a deep clean.
● Tidy under the sink and disinfect the bins.

● Vacuum and flip your mattress, wash pillows, duvets and comforters – maybe treat yourself to some new bedding.
● Organise your spring clothes – once again, conduct a ‘keep, discard, donate’ assessment of each piece in your wardrobe.
● Organise your underwear and sock drawers, removing anything looking tired and worn.
● Declutter your bedside table.

Living room and around the home
● Dust! Shelves, picture frames, mirrors, lamps – any surface you can find. Give it a good dusting to leave your surroundings feeling spring-fresh.
● Clean skirting boards and window sills.
● Consider hiring a carpet cleaner for rugs and upholstery. Wash sofa cushions and throws – check if your cushions could do with updating for the new season. Perhaps something bright and fabulous?
● Touch up paint work and/or remove scuffs.
● Go through filing, magazines, and any old post and takeaway menus. Get rid of anything not needed.
● Disinfect door handles and light switches.

● Clean and descale your shower head, taps, toilet bowl and scrub tile grout.
● Tidy bathroom cabinets, removing empty bottles, old razors, and out-of-date lotions and potions.
● Wash your shower curtain, bath mat and run towels through a hot cycle – perhaps think about freshening up the bathroom with a new set.
● Add a candle with a zesty or floral spring scent.

Home office
● Spruce up your WFH space with organisers, storage baskets and shelving.
● Clean and disinfect equipment such as keyboard, laptop and desk.
● Add fresh spring flowers, bringing the outside in and promoting productivity.

Give your outside space some TLC
● It’s never too early to get your outside space ready for the warmer months. If weather allows, mow the lawn, clean off garden furniture, remove leaves and weeds, and scrub the patio or balcony.

We hope this has helped ignite some motivation for a touch of spring cleaning. And if you’re tight on time, setting a 10-minute timer and tidying any room in the home is a good place to start. The ‘rule of five’, where you remove five items from every room, is also a hard and fast way to declutter.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend ahead, and for those who celebrate, Happy Easter! Visit us in-store or online and check out our Spring Sale (up to 50% off) to inject some newness into your home.