The making of a man-space

We’ve all heard of man caves – those mythical spaces where men can gather themselves to do whatever it is that men do when they relax. A sanctuary in the home, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room or basement, the term is defined by Wikipedia as a room inside the house where man is able to do as they please, without fear of upsetting female sensibility about house decor or design.

With a definition that sounds distinctly cave-man no wonder French interiors journalist Catherine Synave took the decision to banish the man-cave stereotype and step inside the homes of the most tasteful gents in Paris to see how they decorate their homes.

Featured in The Sunday Times Style magazine on October 6, the article says: What are the criteria by which men are decorating their houses? What are their desires?…. Inside these very sophisticated homes there are common themes, such as the use of rough materials: concrete, wood, stone, steel and bronze, with a strong tendency towards minimalism as well as specific colour ranges: black, brown and beige, but maybe with a flash of red. Many of these men have hyper collections, so a wall might be crammed with sculptures, for example taxidermy or kidult toys… All of these influences are mixed in personal ways with a certain impulsivity… They can take their sustenance from [Paris’] great museums and art galleries, and can indulge their tastes and passions in its private galleries, antique stores and flea markets…. In Paris you just have to open your eyes to fulfil your desires.

Futon Company says: Whether you live in the centre of a big European city or in the deepest darkest countryside; whether you’re a male living solo, or a woman who loves black, brown and beige, there are lessons we can all learn from the redefined man cave! Creating a space that you love and which integrates colours that inspire you is a good approach to creating a sanctuary-style space. Surround yourself with furniture and accessories that reflect your passions and tastes, and mix and match old and new styles. Turn a hobby into a passion with stylishly displayed collections, for example, can a collection of vintage vinyls become framed art for the wall? Can a bicycle be hung on the wall to create dramatic impact (as well as freeing up space)? Whatever your passion, the first step is to be realistic about the size of your space and find space-enhancing solutions that maximise what’s available – as well as showcasing your stuff. Check out our range of space saving furniture… ideally designed with sanctuary-style caves and small space living in mind…

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