We mean business – Set yourself up for WFH success for 2022

In the last couple of years, working from home (WFH) – or hybrid working for some – has been a part of everyday life. No matter what lies ahead in 2022, WFH is arguably one phenomenon that is here to stay. Although by now most of us are pretty familiar with flexible working (and Zooming), some have yet fully settled into their new(ish) “home offices”, especially for those who live in small spaces. And as we head further into a new year, now is the time to reassess our WFH setup to ensure it works for us – day in, day out.

We all know that remote working is no mean feat, not least because our homes are becoming increasingly multifunctional. One minute your kitchen diner is where you cook and eat, the next minute it’s where you hot desk for the day. You might have – casually – taken over a dedicated office, or just a humble nook; either way, having a functional AND uplifting workspace is key to feeling productive and getting things done.

As Meghann Murdock of the Evening Standard brilliantly put it: “Despite WFH having been a thing for almost two years, many people — especially space-starved Londoners — are still making do.” Having said that, she adds: “We don’t have to put up with these ad-hoc, cramped and uninspiring workspaces, though.” Yes – she’s right. Just because it’s a space for working, it doesn’t need to be dull and restricted.

Need some help? Here’s our guide to working like a pro in the comfort of your home for the year ahead. Read on.

Power up
Staying active is good for the mind and body. Jump-start your day and get those all-important endorphins flowing with a morning workout; whether it be hopping on your spin bike, or simply going for a jog. There’s really no excuse!

Eat well

Make sure you fill up on fuel with a healthy breakfast. Oatmeal, almonds and berries are great for giving you the energy boost to power through the day. And don’t eat in front of the screen – it’s never good for you.

Routine, routine, routine

Structure is key to staying focused, so give yourself a morning routine – like the above. Your body will soon get used to it and you’ll feel motivated for the day ahead.

Flexi time
These days it’s all about smart working – even a small corner can be just as effective. Leaning desks provide superb flexibility as you can set up (very much) anywhere you like. One great example is our latest Standing Ladder Desk with its adjustable shelves so you can stand while working. But fancy sitting down? Choose a good-quality desk chair, such as Rotary that supports your back while sending you in a spin with its rotating seat.

Keep clutter at bay
Good storage plays a crucial role in creating an orderly workstation, leaving you with more space for thoughts and less space for mess. Desks with drawers are ideal, so are wall-hung shelves. If space is limited, invest in some nifty desk organisers such as desk and trug tidies. And before you log off, put your laptop away and clear your desk to reclaim your home for the evening.

Be at home
You should feel comfortable where you work – which will only help increase your productivity. Accessorise your workspace – remember, less is more – with things that put you at ease. A picture, or an Insta-worthy house plant, can calm your mind and aid concentration. And of course, they also add character and brighten up your space in no time. Feeling zen already?

To-do list
Paper or virtual – it doesn’t matter, as long as you have one to keep you on top of your workload. Plus, it feels oh so good when ticking things off the list, right?

You’ve got (e)mail
How to alleviate stress when inundated with emails? First – keep it clean and organised as much as possible. Next – avoid checking your emails as soon as you log on. Our body and brain need time to “wake up” in the morning, so start with minor tasks or go through your to-do list first to ease yourself in. And when you’re ready, open your inbox and dive in with energy and positivity.

The sound of music
Need some good tunes to energise you? Or something to help you concentrate before winding down at the end of the working day? Check out Spotify with plenty of WFH playlists to get you through the day. It’s easy – and free!

Last but not least…
● Check in regularly and have informal catch-ups with your colleagues. Weekly is a good start.
● Take lunch and breaks at set times – if you can. Have a bit of extra time? Read a book or catch some fresh air outside while you’re away from the screen.
● Stick to your social schedule. Do something fun for yourself in the evening – even going to a yoga sesh – so you have no excuse to work late.

Everything sounds obvious, right? Believe us, simple things often get overlooked, and even a small tweak can make a huge difference. For more tips on how to refresh your WFH space, from simple updates to full design makeovers, you can read Meghann Murdock’s full article .