Get the look: evoke the Japandi aesthetic in 5 easy steps

The brighter mornings and lighter evenings have got us excited for the long summer days ahead. While the weather is still slightly mixed in the UK, we’re getting busy thinking about trends for the coming season and how we can introduce fresh, spring newness into the home.

An aesthetic we’ve seen popping up all over social media, which suits this time of year to a tee, is Japandi (@japandi_design) – a harmony of Japanese and Scandinavian design blended together to create a minimalist, cosy and tranquil influence. A relationship that began almost 150 years ago when Danish creatives started travelling to Japan searching for new inspiration.

Medgina Saint-Elien at House Beautiful explains how these two different cultures complement each other so effortlessly: “While Japan and Scandinavia may seem worlds apart, their design sentiments have plenty in common. They’re both rich in history and focus on simplicity, sustainability and neutral colour schemes. The combination of the two styles results in minimalist yet functional interiors that invite you to stay in and relax.”

As we look through and recap the micro-trends that led us into 2024, you’ll notice they all feed directly into the Japandi umbrella, making it an ideal choice, especially for those with small homes. So, how do we achieve this look? Here are a few pointers to help you get started:

Functional design
Decluttering the home and maximising living space is a key element of this look, and where cleverly designed, multipurpose furniture comes into its own. Hidden storage, space-saving pieces such as leaning ladder furniture with integrated shelving and/or drawers, a super versatile chaise longue that easily transforms from slouch to sleep space in seconds, and stools doubling up as side tables. Substance and style should marry perfectly to complete the Japandi ethos.

Natural materials
Nature is significant in both Scandinavian and Japanese cultures, so it’s important to use natural materials to nail the look. Think wicker and straw baskets, bamboo and cane furniture, linen upholstery, cotton rugs and clay earthenware. Anything handmade and organic will work – check out our Lagoon table lamp, a real natural beauty, functional and ultra-cool.

Muted colour palette
Opt for a mix of warm colours, light colours, and dark tones for accents. Paint your room with a solid neutral shade such as whites, off-whites, beiges and taupes. Then use accessories and textiles in darker hues, from browns to khaki greens, for stand-out design details.

Clean lines
They are a defining characteristic of minimalist design, contributing to simplicity and clarity. Storage is key to ensuring your home is clutter-free for visual harmony. Create crisp lines and a sense of order with our Suratto 8 Cube Shelving Unit. With 8 handy shelves for stashing your stuff and a large top surface for displaying treasures, this piece imbues meaning and purpose. It works well in bedrooms, guest rooms, the living room, or even the playroom for storing toys.

Cosy tranquillity
Luxurious textures ooze that contented hygge feeling. To get the best of both worlds, draw on the cosiness of Scandi design with warm textures and soft pieces while maintaining the elegance of Japanese style. Boucle furniture to sink into, chunky throws, faux fur and velvet cushions – fill the home with these gorgeously tactile pieces and combine them with design-led lighting to create an ambience for relaxation after a long, hard day. Top it off with our comfy Cosy sofa bed in a soft green weave, and you’re onto a winning combo.

Embrace the minimalist charm of Japandi style! Discover our latest products online or in-store now and let our curated selection guide you into this calm and cool trend.