Time for a clutter cull

Since COVID-19 arrived on our shores at the start of the year we’ve all responded in different ways. Some are fabulous key workers holding the fort; some are furloughed and embracing the opportunity to take some much needed relaxation time; others are working up a storm; and some are trying to navigate the unchartered terrain of juggling working from home with childcare. Reading lots of magazines and online articles, we know these things to be a fact: make-up sales are up (Zoom face, anyone?); working from home is here to stay for the foreseeable future; baking is on the up (how’s your sourdough starter coming along?); and the great spring clean is having a moment. If you’re one of the COVID-19 responders who’s been on a de-cluttering frenzy over the past few weeks and are running out of places to blitz we’ve found a blog that might just make your day! Called ‘Junk Drawer Wisdom: What to Keep, What to Toss, and How to Keep It Organized‘ by Fan Winston it looks at that long forgotten household hero – the junk drawer. We’ve selected our favourite snippets:

• Don’t think of it as a junk drawer, think of it as a miscellaneous drawer…Everyone should have a drawer in a convenient location to hold random essentials – but no one needs a drawer full of junk
• Put limits on what goes in there. If what you’re tempted to store is kitchen or office-related, chances are there’s a better spot for it. Things that belong in the miscellaneous drawer include: batteries, scissors, tape, box cutter, measuring tape, string, rubber bands, torch, matches, candles
• Ban paper from your drawer. Menus, manuals, coupons, permission slips, maps – they will get lost and forgotten in there
• Don’t get hung up on drawer organisers. If the organisers don’t fit perfectly, it’s OK. If they do their job they work.

Futon Company says: In COVID world it’s the small things that bring us the greatest pleasure. There’s something very satisfying about turning chaos into order, and sorting out a messy drawer is a fine example of this. Curb the clutter in your messy drawer/wardrobe/underbed and bring order to the chaos. Check out our clutter curbing goodies….

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