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Home and away: transform your space into a holiday paradise

Whether it’s exploring somewhere new, getting a vitamin D fix, connecting with wildlife or having a chance to be more social, travel has been found to make us happier.

Getting away and experiencing new places and cultures is the dopamine boost we all need. According to Reader’s Digest “The thrill of exploring a new place, filled with new people and experiences, has a significant impact on our mental wellbeing… The TikTok hashtag #travelhappiness has 409k views, and according to Google trend data, searches for ‘dopamine travel’ have risen by 4,500% in [December 2023] as people search for travel inspiration for a trip that will bring them the most joy.”

So, if you’re craving a getaway to somewhere tropical but have nothing yet booked, fear not – here’s how to create the perfect escape and increase your happiness from the comfort of your own home.

Dine the Italian way
It wouldn’t be a holiday without sampling the local produce. If you love nothing more than winding away the day with a long, lazy lunch when you’re abroad, this idyllic setting is easily created at home.

Dress your table with simple linens and rustic tableware. These fabulous wooden trays are perfect for antipasti grazing platters – think crumbled parmigiano reggiano, oozing dolcelatte, the finest Italian meats and salty olives and focaccia. Check out Instagram favourite @grapeandfig for inspiration on how to build yours.

Wash it down with a chilled Gavi or Peroni served in stylish glassware or decant wine into a carafe. And don’t forget an espresso in these gorgeous little cups to finish off. Sit back, relax and dream of the beautiful Amalfi Coast.

Ibiza wellness break
If you haven’t managed to book the coveted yoga retreat you’ve always wanted, why not design the perfect little wellness space at home? Create a space to get away from the grind of everyday life, relax, practise yoga or meditate.

When we think of calming environments, natural materials, greenery and soft lighting immediately spring to mind. Screen off an area of the home dedicated to rest and relaxation. Lanterns will provide ambient lighting, hanging plants will bring you closer to nature, and a comfortable mat will provide grounding and a place to practise mindfulness. Who needs to jet away for a weekend when you have an area to retreat to all year round?

Moroccan spa escape
Take inspiration from Morocco’s traditional hammam spas and give your home a ‘spathroom’ makeover. Soft cotton, super-absorbent towels are a must, along with ample storage for all your toiletries and essential oils to help you unwind. A slim trolley to place next to the bath or a bath tray for your mint tea, book and candle are just a few key items that will give your bathroom sanctuary status.

Enhance your cleansing ritual with an elegant collection of ceramic-crafted bathroom accessories. If space is at a premium, look for items such as this hanging set of jute baskets, perfect for small space living. Last, but by no means least, treat yourself to a robe for the ultimate spa experience!

Bali beach lounge
Bring the beach party vibes to your garden terrace. Social seating is where it’s at – choose a multifunctional outdoor sofa that doubles as a lounger, like the Ranch outdoor day bed. While benches are handy for moving in and out of the house, roll-out beds give that cool lounging look akin to those you’d find on a faraway beach.

A side table is useful for holding trays of nibbles and drinks, and soft rugs underfoot provide a luxe feel. Create a comfy area you and your guests will enjoy hanging out late into the balmy summer nights.

Hotel bedroom bliss
Who doesn’t love jumping onto their hotel bed as soon as they enter the room and sinking into luxurious bedding? If you’re in the market for a new mattress, check out our handy guide to give your bed the ultimate hotel makeover.

For that je ne sais quoi, add a topper and layer cosy throws and deep-filled cushions – you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on cloud nine every night! We couldn’t leave without mentioning this grand bed frame; not only does it create a focal point for your room, but it also brings a sense of calm and serenity to the space.

Where is your favourite destination to visit? We challenge you to recreate its ambience at home. Whether your next stop is the serene beaches of Bali or the bustling streets of Marrakech, visit us in-store or explore our range online for more inspiration.