Hot seat nomads

Futon Company says: It might still be summer but somewhere in the back of our minds we’re thinking ahead about what comes next. We know, we know, it’s not very mindful to think about the future but what with all this Covid stuff over the past goodness-knows-how-long, we’re kind of excited/ terrified/ nervous about what comes next. Forget Back to school – it’s back to the office that’s on our minds right now. How does that look? Will it be every day? How will it work?

According to futurologists across the globe, there seems to be some sort of unspoken consensus that the office has changed irreversibly, and that moving forwards many of us will now be working in some sort of Hybrid way. Apple, for example, expects employees to work in the office three days a week and at home two days. Many companies have adopted this approach and updated their working spaces accordingly. Think hot desks, open plan spaces, agile working – these are the office buzzwords on our minds right now.

So, when we came across this tiny snippet in a back issue of Sunday Times Style in the Cooling Down section, it summed what’s on our mind right now. Short but sweet, it said: Cooling Down…. Hot-seat nomads: The new age open-plan office is booming. We yearn for a desk drawer!

Futon Company says: While those office workers among us might need time to adapt to this new way of working and may never again work in the office five days a week, there are plenty of upsides to this! Time working in the office is ideal for real-life facetime with colleagues, for finding solutions to work problems and brainstorming ideas, while WFH is a good way to get stuff done (think writing, number crunching or admin jobs with the music turned up loud). And the added bonus of WFH is that yes you get to have your own desk drawer (or work tray or desk, depending on whether your space is designed for small space living or something slightly larger). Check out some of our homework heroes – each and every piece guaranteed to get you in the mood for WFH.

Deep Drawer Unit

Journal Table

Zed Standing Desk

Ledge Drawer Table

Muse Lap Top Dressing Table