Fashion yourself an orderly wardrobe

Speaking to a fashion friend on Saturday night we got chatting about that oh-so-familiar phrase the new normal, and the impact of COVID-19 on fashion and how we buy clothes. Given we’re still spending more time than usual indoors right now and big gatherings look likely to be banned for the foreseeable future, is this the end of seasonal trends? Will dressing up become a thing of the past? So many unanswered questions for now, but the conversation reminded us of an article we read in an issue of Grazia a few weeks ago called The Great Quarantine Refresh. It said: This time of year is usually spent digging out spring/summer dresses and looking for lost sandals. Now it’s all jeans, jumpers, hoodies, leggings, socks, slippers – and trying to put together a respectable #WFHFit for your daily video call. Now’s the time to take stock. Here’s some expert advice on organising your wardrobe, deciding what to keep, spin and donate:
• Looking after your clothes creates an appreciation for everyday items that we take for granted. As we stitch, we create memories and stories. Replacing buttons and darning socks are two easy options to get you started
• Clean up your wardrobe. Ban the floordrobe – piling things in different corners of your bedroom is an easy habit to fall into but makes it hard to keep things in order. Be ruthless. There’s no point keeping beautiful clothes that no longer work for you; invest in versatile clothes that transcend seasons; organise your clothes into different categories for efficiency. Having off-duty clothes separate from work wear, active wear and occasion-wear makes it easy to pull outfits together at a moment’s notice; fold knitwear, jeans and tees
• Fall back in love with your clothes. Scroll through your saved folder on Instagram for inspiration – it’s the easiest way to get a fresh perspective; take stock of what you have and what’s missing; make an effort. Your home office hardly requires careful outfit curation, but taking time to choose something thoughtful will help to put a spring in your step

Futon Company says: Even though the shops are open it’s shopping but not as we know it – especially when it comes to buying clothes – which means that it’s a good time to look at what you own by sorting and cleverly storing. By going through your clothing and tidying up your wardrobe and clothing storage space, you’ll get a fresh appreciation of what you have and what’s missing. To help you along we’ve selected storage savvy items to keep your clothes and accessories looking fresh and sharp – what’s better, these are ideally designed for small space living…

Canvas Storage Suitcase

Canvas Sweater Organiser

Oak Wide Stacking Cube

Oak Hallway Shoe Mirror

Cedar Hanger with Teeth