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The feeling’s neutral: go beige or go home

Beige was once considered a safe option – but not anymore. After a decade of grey dominating our homes, beige has become the go-to colour for interior designers, decorators and novices alike.

According to design writer and blogger , “Beige is elegant and timeless, providing the perfect neutral backdrop that will work with almost any other tone in the colour spectrum.”

True – beige is no longer the “boring” one in the colour family. “It’s plain and versatile, like a reliable friend that’s always there for you. It’s also a quiet colour with a restful feel, just what we all need in a busy, hectic world,” says Cate.

She’s right. Times have changed. Prioritising our wellbeing and looking after ourselves might have driven us towards a warmer and more muted palette. When it comes to choosing a colour for the home, white is the obvious but predictable choice, whereas beige provides a bit more oomph – and much-needed comfort.

So what’s good about beige? It’s as clean as white but with more warmth ✅. It goes with almost every hue so you can be as creative and daring as you want with your interior styling ✅. It makes a room look bigger ✅. And last but not least, it hides dirty marks well ✅.

Strongly associated with nature, beige is believed to have a stress-reducing power, lending a calming feeling to our environment and helping us unwind and decompress. Though it feels familiar and welcoming, it also oozes elegance and sophistication.

If you’re looking to create a little retreat away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, start your design scheme with beige; alternatively, if you’d rather play safe, use it as an accent colour.

Beige more or less works for most rooms. It provides other hues with a good canvas making them look sharper and more saturated. For the minimalists, beige, black and white are the perfect combo; while for the maximalists who want to get those Mediterranean vibes going, beige pairs well with earthy, sunbaked shades such as golden brown, terracotta, burnt orange, olive green and teal.

And if you’re ready to go all beige, why wait? Though, it’s easier said than done – treading the fine line between creating something inspiring and resulting in nothing more than mediocre. The key to success lies in adding depth through textures, natural materials and varied tones to the otherwise single-coloured room.

From solid oak furniture and jute rugs to woven baskets and cotton throws, they all help elevate the space while making it feel cosy and comforting. They might seem basic – but trust us, they’re not! They offer tactility as well as shape and silhouette – a more relaxed approach to furnishing our homes while we seek refuge from an overstimulating world.

Let the interior shine – and beige does just that. Are you ready to ditch the greys and join Team Beige? Get scrolling for some serious inspo. Remember – go beige or go home!