Sleep sound

Here at Futon Company we often talk about the importance of sleep for our health and wellbeing – after all, it’s no secret that 7-8 hours of shut-eye each night is key to a happy life. So when we came across Julie Powell’s Self section and the news piece Happy Ever After in the April issue of Red Magazine we were intrigued to read more.

She says: “We read children bedtime stories to ease them into dreamland, but adults could benefit just as much (or more) from listening to soothing night-time tales. According to YouGov, almost 50% of British women have problems sleeping, often because our minds just keep whirring. The paradox of sleep is that it comes when you’re not trying, says clinical psychologist Dr Steve Orma. To prepare you for sleep, you need to do something to help you relax and let go. Gentle stories (whether fictional or not) are just enough to quiet that mental noise, but not stimulating enough to keep you awake. The Calm app has more than 120 restful audio tales, narrated by the softest voices, from Stephen Fry to Joanna Lumley. Or try Lucy Mangan’s Bedtime Stories For Stressed Out Adults. Sweet dreams….”

Futon Company says: When it comes to bedtime, getting the basics right is key, even if it’s a case of having a friend over for the weekend. A comfortable mattress, a warm blanket, a cosy cushion for daytime dozing and a snuggly robe for early-hours bathroom trips are all important…

Soft Quilt Bedspread

Chambray Cushion

Deep Fleece Bathrobe with Hood

Comfort Mattress