Why We Sleep

We focus a lot on sleep, here at Futon Company. As the company who introduced futons to the UK in 1980, we’ve spent a lot of years (decades, even!) focusing our attention on comfort and the importance of creating a comfortable and slumber-inducing sleep space.

So when we came across Matthew Walker’s book Why We Sleep, we were intrigued to read more. After all, it’s a commonly known fact that sleep (or lack of) is becoming a bit of an issue for many of us in industrialised societies. Our busy, ‘being on’ 24-7 lives, underpinned by social media and smartphones, is taking its toll. Walker explores this concept, and a review of his book in November 2018 issue raises some fascinating facts. Here’s a snapshot:

* Every major physiological system in the body and every operation of the mind is wonderfully enhanced when you get enough sleep
* Every disease we fear in the developed world has significant and often causal links to insufficient sleep
* Several things have distanced us from our natural sleep rhythms, and the first is light. As a modern society we’re deprived of darkness (electric light and smartphones keep us ‘switched on). Darkness releases melatonin, a hormone that encourages the onset of sleep
* Work hours, commutes and entertainment consumption have all increased over the past century, contributing to less sleep
* Also keeping us awake are anxiety and stress, which are the principle causes of insomnia. This revved-up, fight-or-flight state of mind makes it difficult to sleep

Futon Company says: Fascinating stuff. This book is definitely top of our list for bedtime reading! There’s plenty more you can do to aid a good night’s sleep. Check out our bedtime saviours, (the big stuff’s designed with small space living in mind) …


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